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Thiru Adi Kali temple dedicated to goddess Kali situated in close proximity to Shri Munnesweram temple, Chilaw

Shri Munnesweram Ishwara Maha Devale :

Month-long Nikini Maha Festival

With peace pervading in the country, an influx of devotees from all walks of life is anticipated and Hindus in large numbers will converge on the outskirts of the ancient and legendary Shri Munneswaram Ishwara Maha Devale two miles off Chilaw for the month-long Hindu festival.

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What makes Brand Modi special

“We need a Modi.” This is how a leading software company executive climbing the middle ranks summed up the leadership vacuum at the once feted software services firm. Modi symbolises change in energy levels at the top, quick decisions, opposition to populism and an openness to experiment.

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When dead history comes alive...

About 10 years ago when I was assigned to contribute an article to the Observer Pictorial , fired by a sudden whim and brushing off religious prejudices I opted to write on the Passion Play of Duwa. This involved some team work,

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