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Dancing traffic light

To reinforce road safety and encourage more pedestrians to respect the red 'don't walk' man, Smart Automobile have come up with a way to make waiting fun! Introducing... the dancing traffic light. The inventors of Germany's Smart Automobile experimented with their new creation in Lisbon, Portugal, testing whether their new dancing traffic light would stop impatient pedestrians from ignoring the red don't walk symbol. People passing by were invited to take part, going into a booth nearby and selecting their favourite music. When the 'red man' come onto nearby traffic lights, the music began to play and the person inside the booth begins to dance.

A video feed transmits the booth dancer's moves to the pedestrian light, which results in the 'red man' copying the dancer's moves. The entertaining dancing light keeps audiences in the street occupied until it is safe to cross, and the experiment showed that 81percent more pedestrians waited until the green light came on before crossing than before the dancing man. What do you think? Should we try this in Sri Lanka? Check out the video below to see how it works.

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Thousands flee from Syria to Turkey

More than 66,000 refugees from northern Syria have fled across the border to Turkey since it was opened by Turkish authorities 24 hours ago.

The huge movement of mostly Kurdish refugees has been brought on by fierce fighting between Kurdish forces and Islamic State militants around the town of Kobane.

According to Syrian activists, at least 300 Kurdish emergency soldiers have crossed the border in the opposite direction, travelling from Turkey to Syria to aid the fight against the Islamic State.

The Islamic State has control over large areas of Syria and Iraq and has also gained control of dozens of villages around Kobane. Turkey shares a border with Iraq and Syria and has taken in over 847,000 refugees in the last three years since the uprising began against the Syrian President. Syria is desperate for international assistance as the fighting is not looking like it will come to an end in the near future.

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Facebook uses NZ as testing ground

Being a small country with a large demographic of people, it is not surprising that Facebook is using New Zealand as a testing ground for their new features. The BBC has reported that Facebook has granted access to some New Zealand Facebook users a service that allows individuals to set their posts, photos and comments to delete after a scheduled period of time.

As the feature was only being tested on the New Zealand market, it is unsure if it will come into full effect in the near future for the rest of the world to use. It is common for New Zealand to act as a guinea pig for social networks to try out new ideas on, as New Zealand has a highly advanced western technology and individuals have great access and interest in Internet programs including Facebook.

While the trial may now be over, an expert in Internet based programs David, said the new self-deleting feature of Facebook could be misleading. As hackers can still find a way to access posts even after they are gone.

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World's deepest swimming pool

There's nothing better than diving into a swimming pool on a hot summer day -but nothing can beat the pool in an Italian hotel that is 130ft deep - that's the same height as nine double-decker buses piled on top of one another! Architect, Emanuele Boaretto, designed the amazing swimming centre which is in the four star Hotel Terme Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, Italy. Think you'd get bored in the endless pool of water? Think again, because this pool isn't just cement and water! There are underwater caves to explore and even a transparent underwater tunnel for those who don't want to get wet.

There are different platforms at different depths for all kinds of swimmers. To explore the pool visitors must wear oxygen tanks, but wetsuits aren't necessary as the water is always at a lovely 32-34C. You wouldn't want to drop anything in there, that's for sure!

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