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Treating a pup with kindness

One day on my way to school, I heard a cry of a puppy. Then I looked around and saw a small puppy trembling under a mango tree. I felt sad and thought, “How could I help the small puppy?” I gave my packet of lunch to the puppy. It wagged its tail and ate it quickly. I felt so happy. Then I gave some water in a coconut shell. It drank the water happily. I covered the puppy with my handkerchief and proceeded to school.

During the interval I drank a little water and went to the library. I met my class teacher and she inquired as to where I was going without having my lunch. I told her the good deed I had done in the morning. She praised me and gave some money for me to go and eat something from the canteen.

On my way back home after school, when I was passing the mango tree, I looked around to see whether the puppy was still there. I did not see it. Then I went home. After sometime I heard someone coming behind me. I looked back to see the puppy was following me to my house.

My parents wanted to know from where I got the puppy. I told them what happened. From that day it became our pet.

The betel, a versatile leaf


The betel leaf is traditionally known as the Bulath Kolaya by Sinhala folk. It is commonly used by Sri Lankans as a mark of respect. We worship elders with a sheaf of betel on the New Year’s day. It is a custom to pay gratitude to them.

It is also used to invite close relatives for special occasions such as weddings and the number of leaves given, decide the number of invitees who will attend. Similarly, during a funeral betel leaves are kept turned upside down to symbolise the sorrow of the occupants of the house.

Today people use betel for chewing. When we chew betel our mouth turns crimson. Then we spit out crimson saliva. From the past offering a chew of betel was a mark of companionship. But, we must make sure excessive chewing of betel can cause cancer.

Buddhists invite a Bhikkhu for a Dhamma Deshana by offering a sheaf of betel.

We can see the importance of betel leaves in our traditional lives. Besides the above mentioned uses, the betel leaf enjoys an important place in Ayurvedic medicine.

A trip to Singapore


We went to Singapore on April 14. Father, mother and my brother also joined in the trip. The country was beautiful, clean and tidy. We really enjoyed the beauty of Singapore.

We stayed at Ibis Hotel in Singapore. The next morning we went to see the zoo. There were many animals, birds and reptiles. In the evening we went on a river safari. We saw many kinds of birds. After that we travelled by tram. We saw many kinds of animals. Next day we went to the museum. It was interesting and we leant a lot about the world. There was a small theatre in the museum. We watched how Singapore was named.

Next day we went by train to see many other cities and enjoyed the beauty. Then we went to see the aquarium. We saw different types of fish and reptiles such as gold fish, cat fish, star fish, sharks, mantarays, seal fish, crocodiles, turtles and tortoise.

On the following day we went to Sentosa Island in a cable car. We saw another aquarium, cable car museum and many places. We went across a bridge which was amazing and wonderful which I have never seen before.

We went shopping in the evening and saw a film called Rio two. It was beautiful and we learnt many things from the movie. It was the last day in Singapore and we returned home. Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world.

Time waits for no one


Time is precious and invaluable. Our life is measured in terms of time. We grow with time, live with time and perish with time. It keeps changing. It does not wait for anyone.

Lost time can never be regained. Even the strongest and powerful monarchs have been helpless before time. They could not command time to stop. Therefore we should not waste time. We can be successful in life when we make the maximum use of time.

Everything is commanded and decided by time. Nobody can escape the hold of time. People who make the best use of time do well in life. Those who waste time lag behind and fail in life. He is the wisest who makes the best use of time. “A stitch in time saves nine” is a popular maxim. It highlights the importance of time.

Man has a limited number of years to live. He should live a fruitful life and make the maximum use of every moment.

The importance of reading


Reading is important to everybody. We cannot understand words, essays and sentences without the knowledge of English. We can read story books, newspapers and magazines to gain knowledge. We can borrow books from libraries. We can spend our free time reading books. Reading is a form of entertainment. Reading good books written by famous authors enrich our vocabulary and character.

The celebrated author Francis Bacon said, “Reading maketh a full man.” What he said is valid for all times.

Tourist attractions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. There are many fascinating places in Sri Lanka. Every year thousands of tourists visit Sri Lanka.

The sea beaches at Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Bentota, Arugambay, Pasikuda and Nilaveli are breathtaking.

The hill country is attractive with waterfalls, landscape and rivers.

We cannot forget the importance of the ancient cities such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya and Kandy. The ruins of the ancient cities tell us about the grandeur of the kingdoms.

My favourite newspaper

Every Sunday morning my sister buys the Sunday Observer. My favourite section is the Junior Observer. I read the articles on the “Expressions” page. I love to see the drawings on the “Colour Lines.” I enjoy doing the activities.

It makes me think and improve my reading ability. The Junior Observer is my teacher and friend. I learn a lot by reading it.


Water is precious. We need water to live. Trees and plants need water to live. We use water for cooking, cleaning,washing, bathing and drinking. We also use water to get hydro power.

We get water from taps, wells, rivers, lakes and the sea. Water gives us energy. Water is colourless and has no smell. Unclean water can be purified by boiling and filtering.

Water is the best drink. It is our responsibility to save water and mother nature.

My puppy

Puppy puppy,
Come to me.
Do you like to,
Play with me?

Puppy puppy,
Catch the ball.
Puppy puppy,
Throw the ball.

Hold the stick,
Free it again.
Go away,
Come again.

Puppy puppy,
Take your plate.
Bring it here,
Keep it down.

Are you tired,
Puppy puppy.
Next day,
Let's play.


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