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Sunday, 12 October 2014



No immediate power cuts


By Uditha Kumarasinghe and Anurangi Singh

Refuting speculations, Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said, no decision has been taken to impose power cuts on account of the current dry spell in the country.

There is no necessity to impose power cuts at this juncture as the Ministry is in a position to manage with current water levels in reservoirs. At present, water levels in reservoirs have dropped to some extent, but we maintain a near 50 percent level, the Minister told the Sunday Observer, yesterday.

Nevertheless, we are ahead when we compare the September figures with those of the past few years, as we have over 50 percent water resources in our reservoirs, the Minister said. Meanwhile, sources at the Norochcholai Coal Power Plant told the Sunday Observer, that currently the coal power plant continues to provide electricity to the national grid even after peak hours.

Speaking in anonymity, the source went on to say; “Usually we provide electricity during peak hours, and then de-load during off-peak, and balance the remaining consumption with hydro power. But, these days the hydro capacity has reduced, hence, Norochcholai continues to provide electricity 24 hours. Now, we run 900 megawatts in full capacity.”

Peak hours are considered to be from 4 in the evening to 10 in the night, when electricity consumption is at its highest. If Norochcholai was not in action, daily power cuts of at least 6 hours or more per day would be indubitable.

However, the Minister called upon the people to consume electricity economically. Meteorologists are optimistic the country will experience September rains in October. At the moment, we hardly feel the need to impose power cuts, the Minister said.


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