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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Ra-Blue and Ah-Killer in Singapore

Ra-Blue had mixed feelings when he was the attesting witness at the wedding of his blue-eyed boy Ah-Killer and his bride Answer-ah. On the same evening the newly wed couple left for Singapore on their honeymoon. Ra-Blue and his better half also left for the same destination. What the couples did thereafter is anybody's guess.

Atta-leader threatens to resign

Many UNP seniors and Woc Com members have taken Atta-Leader to task for not including them in the Greens' group of 20. An irate Atta-leader was even ready to resign from the group but Ra-Blue insisted that he should remain. "This is an election operational group. We can't include all. We had a similar committee during JRJ's time. Though I was a Cabinet Minister then, my name was not included in the committee," Ra-Blue said.

Soo-me advises Bell Boys

Former leader of the Bell Party Soo-me the One-sa had advised the party's politburo members to be more cautious and not expose the party's political bankruptcy. "It is not advisable to contest the presidency at this juncture as the entire country would know our real strength.

Hence, we must present various theories and show that the next election is not legal. That's the only way out," he told Anura Prince and his senior Bell Boys.

Fonny fails in his attempts

Fonny is furious that he could not attract a single party that recognises him as the common candidate for the next Prez polls. A dejected Fonny had sought meetings with bhikkhus Show-Bhi-tea and Ratana but both had laid down a pre-condition, that Fonny would not be accepted as the candidate that is common.

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