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Fingertips reveals one's character

There are five fingers in each hand. Do you know the names of all the fingers? They are the little finger, ring finger, middle finger, fore finger and the thumb. They are different in length and size. All of them are useful for our day-to-day activities.

The smallest of the five, the little fingers of the bride and the bridegroom are symbolically tied to show matrimonial bond. The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger.

The longest of the five the middle finger is used to feel the pulse along with other fingers.

You point fingers when you want to warn or challenge somebody. Remember when you point one finger at somebody, three other fingers are pointed at you. The thumb is the shortest and the fattest of all the fingers. Even you have all four fingers without the thumb, you cannot do most of the work.

The thumb is useful for illiterate people to put their signatures. It is called thumb impression.


Fingerprints are helpful to investigate crime. Finger print machines are now available in both private and state sector offices. However, some people are born with extra fingers or some others lose their fingers due to various reasons. All the mighty constructions are built using little fingers.

There are many words, phrases and idioms connected with fingers.

We use finger bowls to wash our hands before and after each meal unless we use cutlery. If you have green fingers, you are good at gardening. Some people often tend to drop things.

They have butter fingers. If you work your fingers to the bone, you work extremely hard. If you have something at your fingertips, it means you can find it easily and use it quickly.

If the finger of suspicion points or pointed at somebody, they are suspected of having committed a crime.

Astrologers and palmists treat fingers with extra care to make predictions. According to them, those who have long fingers are artistic. They will do well in music and painting. Those who have fat and short fingers are supposed to be good at mechanical work. Even fingertips show one's character.

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