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Thomian rowers retain T. N. Fernando Trophy

S Thomas’ College retained the T. N. Fernando Trophy with a hard-fought 28-24 win over traditional rivers Royal College in the 41st annual Regatta worked off at the Beira Lake yesterday.

S Thomas’ Boat Race crew - Ramith Nanayakkara, Sandesh Bartlett, Anuruddha Nadaraja, Vishan Gunatilleke, Kemil Peter are seen here at the Colombo Rowing Club, Beira Lake yesterday.

Royal College Boat Race crew - Lahiru Herath, Amrith Feranndo, Sajid Ajmal, Promod Rajaguru and Azlam Saourjah are seen here at the 45th Royal-Thomian Boat Race at the Colombo Rowing Club, Beira Lake yesterday. Pix Vipula Amarasinghe

The Thomians, who were trailing 16-24, till the final event of the day, the prestigious 45th Boat Race, came back storming to win it by 2/1 lengths, which gave them to retain the trophy.

The Thomian crew comprised of Ramith Nanayakkara, Sandesh Bartlett, Anuruddha Nadaraja, Vishan Gunatilleke and Kemil Peter, who gave a superb display to outrow thair opponents, which consisted of Lahiru Herath, Amrith Fernando, Sajid Ajmal, Promod Rajaguru and Azlam Saourjah with a time of 3.06min to the Royal's 3.11 minutes.

The Thomians off to a flying start at the Regatta when they won the A Scull Sandesh Bartlett beat Royal Bilal Hassan with a time of 3.46 minutes. Then they won the B Scull Saliya Gunasekara beat Royal Hashan Hettigoda in a thriller by 3.47 minutes to Royal's 3.48.

They made it three in a row when they won the A Pair Ramith Nanayakkara and Vishan Gunatilleke beat the Royal duo of Sajid Ajmal and Praveen Hapugalle by 3.22 minutes.

Royalists won the B Pair Amrith Fernando and Lahiru Herath overcame the Thomian duo of Ming-Hua Chang and Anuruddha Nadaraja in a time of 3.25 minutes.

Then came Royal's fight back, when they won five events in a row. They won the B Scull Lasaru Kudaligama and Buddhi Dias beat the Thomian duo of Adrian de Silva and Saliya Gunasekara in a time of 3.27 minutes.

They followed it up by winning the A Double Scull Promod Rajaguru and Hashen Hettigoda who beat the Thomain pair of Vishan Gunatilleke and Sandesh Bartlett by 3.20 minutes.

Then the B Fours - Bilal Hassan, Keshan Ranasinghe, Prathap Perera, Praveen Hapugalle and Avishka Jayaweera, who beat the Thomians comprising of Kemil Peter, Akasha Weerasooriya, Deshitha Hennanayake, Amrith Peiris and Wishmitha Peiris in a time of 3.05 minutes which gave the Reid Avenue school a lead of 24 points to 16.

But then came the most important Boat Race, which saw the Thomians emerge triumphant to obtain 12 points to retain the T. N. Fernando Memorial Trophy for the 21st time.


A Scull: Sandesh Bartlett (S Thomas’) 3.46min beat Bilal Hassan (Royal) 3.57min

B Scull: Saliya Gunasekara (S Thomas’) 3.47min beat Hashan Hettigoda (Royal) 3.48min

A Pair: Ramith Nanayakkara/Vishan Gunatilleke (S Thomas’) 3.22min beat Sajid Ajmal/Praveen Hapugalle (Royal) 3.25min

B Pair: Amrith Fernando/Lahiru Herath (Royal) 3.25min beat Ming-Hua Chang/Anuradha Nadaraja (S Thomas’) 3.28min

B Double Scull: Lasaru Kudaligama/Buddhi Dias (Royal) 3.27min beat Adrian de Silva/Saliya Gunasekara (s Thomas’) 3.33min

A Double Scull: Promod Rajaguru/Hashen Hettigoda (Royal) 3.20min beat Vishan Gunatilleke/Sandesh Bartlett (S Thomas’) 3.22min

Under-16 Four: Ishira Rambukwella/Jehan Hapugalle/Charin Wijetilleke/Revata Karunasekera/Jatu Rockwood (Royal) 3.38min beat Meshach Peiris/Daniel Bartholomeuz/Niran Warawita/Dharaka Peiris/Ashan Walpola (S Thomas’) 3.54min

C Four: Thimesha Amarasena/Praveen Weerakkody/Kavinda Matthew/Lasindu Gamage/Avishka Jayaweera (Royal) 3.18min beat Saliya Gunasekara/Amith Peiris/Adrian de Silva/Ming-Hua Chang/Meshach Peiris (S Thomas’) 3.24min

Old Boys Four: S Thomas’ College (3.44min) beat Royal College (3.45min)

B Four: Bilal Hassan/Keshan Ranasinghe/Prathap Perera/Praveen Hapugalle/Avishka Jayaweera (Royal) 3.05min beat Kemil Peter/Akasha Weerasooriya/Deshitha Hennayake/Amrith Peiris/Wishmitha Peiris (S Thomas’) 3.12min

Boat Race: S Thomas’ College (Ramith Nanayakkara/Sandesh Bartlett/Anuruddha Nadaraja/Vishan Gunatilleke/Kemil Peter) 3.06min beat Royal College (Lahiru Herath/Amrith Fernando/Sajid Ajmal/Promod Rajaguru/Azlam Saourjah 3.11min.


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