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Traitors will learn a bitter lesson

The forthcoming Presidential election is not merely a prestige battle to elect the Head of State for the next six years but a poll that would decide on the country's political future.

It is patently clear that the Presidential election 2015 has turned out to be a battle between patriots and traitors, similar to the last Presidential election in 2010. There were traitors in the patriots' camp some time ago as well.

Even the Opposition's so-called common candidate Maithripala Sirisena was with the Government till the President signed the proclamation for an early election. To cap it all, Maithripala even partook of milk rice with President Mahinda Rajapaksa on his leader's 69th birthday and, moreover, carried the relics for the pirith ceremony to mark the ninth anniversary of the President first assuming office.

Regrettably, he has now turned traitor in his lust for power. Die-hard SLFP supporters said that Maithripala's betrayal was similar to that of Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. Judas kissed and betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Ever since, a traitor is called Judas.

Although there are conflicting views of Judas' death, it is believed that he eventually hanged himself out of remorse following his betrayal of Jesus Christ. Maithripala too will suffer the same fate as Judas after his imminent defeat at the January 8 elections.

It is evident that disgruntled Opposition politicians have become puppets of Western forces with vested interests, LTTE poltergeists and the Tiger Diaspora. They have teamed up with some Western forces to get rid of an administration which does not dance the fandango round them.

Certain Western countries, which attempted to resuscitate the moribund LTTE till the end of the Security Forces' battle against terrorism, are now making every effort to install a puppet leader, who would do anything to appease the West.

The 2015 Presidential election has turned out to be a two-cornered tussle between those who sincerely love their motherland and those who don't. Perhaps, both camps may have a similar look at first glance as they had been together for many years. Maithripala who was in the patriots' camp turned traitor and swallowed the bait of former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera and Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe. The trio ganged up with some Western missions in Colombo which had even provided satellite phones to keep their dealings a closely guarded secret.

This trio is well-known for their unflinching loyalty to the West and betraying the Security Forces. Ex-President Kumaratunga halted military operations at decisive stages after tens of thousands of soldiers were killed. She turned a Nelsonian eye when the Tigers overran military camps in the North in rapid succession.

When Wickremesinghe was the Prime Minister, he permitted the LTTE to strengthen its military capabilities as the Security Forces were confined to their barracks under the controversial Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) brokered by Norway. Under the CFA, the Wickremesinghe Government officially recognised the territory controlled by the Tigers and the Security Forces were helpless against the free movements of the LTTE cadres transporting heavy weapons.

Samaraweera is also another peace agent who influenced Kumaratunga to show clemency to the terrorists. It is this unholy alliance that put forward Maithripala as the common candidate. The Opposition, especially wily Wickremesinghe, knew for certain that none of its leaders could match President Rajapaksa's soaring popularity and made Maithripala a scapegoat.

The Opposition's crafty plan with the LTTE rump came to light when the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) jumped the gun, saying that it would take President Rajapaksa to an international war crimes tribunal if Maithirpala wins the next Presidential election.

No sooner Maithripala was named the joint Opposition candidate, the GTF, a LTTE front organisation which played a leading role for Velupillai Prabhakaran, threatened to take President Rajapaksa before the international court in the Hague if Maithripala wins the presidential poll.

Suren Surendran of the GTF told Al Jazeera television last week that they would take President Rajapaksa before an international war crimes tribunal for alleged war crimes if the joint Opposition candidate emerges victorious. He said that it would be easy to take the President before the war crimes tribunal if he loses the immunity as the Head of State.

Surprisingly, two parliamentarians - the UNP's Dr. Harsha de Silva and national list MP Dr. Rajiva Wijesinghe, who support Maithripala's candidature were silent at the same discussion. Despite Dr. De Silva making various clarifications thereafter to vindicate his position, nobody said anything when Surendran insisted that President Rajapaksa should be taken before a war crimes tribunal. Doesn't this show the nexus between the common Opposition and the LTTE cohorts to discredit the country and take the leader who saved the nation from brutal LTTE terrorism before the international war crimes tribunal.

On an earlier occasion, the President who gave an unmatched political leadership to the Security Forces during the relentless battle against terrorism, had said that he was ready to go before any international war crimes tribunal on behalf of the true sons of our soil who had eradicated terrorism and ushered in peace for all communities to live in harmony.

Hence, it is the bounden duty of those who love this country to unite and thwart the Western conspiracy. It is a well-planned attempt to get rid of a leadership which has been a threat to them. The President cares less for the big names and puts the country before self.

People are acutely aware of the international, local NGOs and Opposition pressure President Rajapaksa had to bear as the Commander-in-Chief during the unrelenting battle against terrorism. There was tremendous pressure from various quarters to stop the military operations against the LTTE.

Citing human rights as an effective tool to disrupt Sri Lanka's operations against terror, certain Western countries and several INGOs embarked on a vicious campaign to thwart the Security Forces' successful forward march.

President Rajapaksa courageously faced all these overwhelming odds and backed the valiant Security Forces by providing logistical and moral support. He did not bow down to any pressure and always gave top priority to the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

When certain countries and INGOs threatened to level war crime charges and take Sri Lanka's brave soldiers before any international court, President Rajapaksa said that he himself would go before any international court and suffer the consequences and protect the Security Forces. In doing so, he demonstrated his sterling qualities of a true leader.

As a nation, we were jubilant when Sri Lanka eliminated the Tigers and became the first country to eradicate terrorism. Nevertheless, all those supreme achievements of the Security Forces would be brought to naught if power goes to the wrong hands and a Western puppet, who would allow extraneous forces to rob the country of its hard-earned peace, is installed in office.

Unlike Maithripala, who is supported by the LTTE-proxy - the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), President Rajapaksa has not conceded anything that would affect the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Maithripala and his cohorts - Kumaratunga and Wickremesinghe, had not only embraced the TNA and betrayed the nation and the Security Forces, but would also make unrealistic promises to hoodwink the voters.

Fortunately, the masses are supporting the patriotic camp which is on a victorious path. This is the greatest consolation. Hence, traitors do not stand a ghost of a chance to achieve their ulterior motives and permit the West to make Sri Lanka its 'obedient servant'.

The masses are far too intelligent to fall prey to the traitor and the Tiger proxies who surround him. The time is now opportune for one and all to defeat the traitors and end the greatest betrayals. The voters would, no doubt, exercise their franchise and teach these traitors the lesson of their lives.


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