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Ethno-religious tensions under Rajapaksa regime

Former Ministers Dr. Tissa Vitarana, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and like-minded others say, the Rajapaksa rule was progressive and the country had no trouble at that time. They also say the USA and the West bring a divide and rule policy which destabilizes countries, which may be true looking at certain situations in the world.

But can these erudite politicians tell us why in the world were ethno-religious tensions were brought to the surface as never before and that too, after the end of a war. What any progressive administration should have done was to build national unity, stability and take the country forward without creating problems after the end of the war.

Did they call for a genuine probe on the Aluthgama-Beruwala incident which would have been a countrywide program like the 1983 pogrom and a fresh ethno-religious conflict would have broken out? As if the end of the horrible 30-year ethnic war was not enough for the so-called ‘progressive’ Rajapaksa regime? There was widespread ultra-nationalism and racism witnessed throughout the country, so much so some of the Sinhala people could not broadcast Mohideen Baig’s Buddhist songs because he was a Muslim.

It is clear that even the majority Sinhala people had enough of Rajapaksas racism ultra-nationalism and ensuing instability, rising against him in subsequent elections. If the USA is promoting a divide and rule policy, what did the so-called ‘Progressive’ regime of the Rajapaksas promote? If Mahinda Rajapaksa makes a comeback how can Dr. Vitarana or Vasudeva Nanayakkara ensure that the Rajapaksa family cabal followed by racism and the divide and rule policy will not return making Sri Lanka unstable again?

Does this kind of racism prevail in Cuba or China?

Amir Afshar
Via email

Former President’s henchmen ruined the country!

The former President’s henchmen who are answerable for corrupt practices such as racketeering and exploitation of public funds, have now formed a ginger group to sabotage and criticise any profitable motion in favour of the public brought up in Parliament.

The public now know what these henchmen were upto in the past ten years. They were in the process of achieving their selfish ends instead of working for the betterment of voters. It is a waste of time talking about that as the public is aware that these henchmen have been involved in, otherwise they wouldn’t have been summoned by the courts of law.

The credit for nipping in the bud, the war against terrorism shouldn’t be given to a single person but to many. Firstly, we must be grateful to the Forces including the police. Secondly, for those who sacrificed their lives. Then the Commanders of the Forces and the IGP for their devotion and dedication towards the motherland. The former President placed his signature for the orders to be given to commence the war against terrorists but it was Field Marshal, Fonseka who did the preliminary planning. The reward he got for all this was a jail term!. The aim was to hail Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as the war hero.

Nepotism was given pride of place but every citizen of this country knows the blunders made by the former President to get his people into high posts sans qualifications and experience. Yet, his henchmen are at stake to understand the fooleries of their leader.

In sharp contrast, President Maithripala Sirisena who has a different goal and motto, based on honesty, sincerity, simplicity and humbleness. Today, the President stands for justice, truth and fairplay.

It is time for genuine rulers of this country to come to the forefront, not for personal gain but to think of the country and to work for the good of society.

Dharma Kaviraj


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