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Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be successful? Depending on how you define Ďhappinessí and Ďsuccessí, confidence could be the key. Thatís because confident people believe in themselves, and they donít participate in activities that degrade their spirits. Check out some of the things confident people just donít do.

They Donít Judge or Gossip About Others

ďWhen you judge another, you do not define them; you define yourself.Ē Ė Wayne Dyer

Confident people donít feel the need to engage in unnecessary drama.

They donít talk about friends behind their backs, they donít rush to quick judgements, and they certainly donít participate in gossip. Confident people want others to be confident, too, and they are more interested in building others up than tearing them down.

They Donít Act Full of Themselves

Just because someone has a big ego doesnít mean heís confident in himself. A person who brags about his accomplishments every chance he gets and constantly talks only about himself may seem confident on the outside, but what heís really doing is seeking praise and approval. Truly confident people find their worth from within, so they wonít go around telling others how great they are. If they are truly great, they know that others will see that without having to point it out.

They Donít Obsess Over What Others Think of Them

ďRemember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.Ē Ė Eleanor Roosevelt

While a confident person may care about how he presents himself in a business or casual setting, he isnít looking for other people to tell him how he should think, nor does he let those who try to tear him down affect his opinion of himself. Truly confident people only let themselves define who they are and how they should feel.

They Donít Compromise Their Values

If youíre truly confident in yourself, that means youíve put confidence in your belief system as well. Confident people will live by these values, and they wonít compromise them for the sake of something desirableówhether itís a friend or a job. Defining and following your values also builds confidence as values give you a purpose (whatever those values might be).

They Donít Focus on the Negative

ďIf you look at what you have in life, youíll always have more. If you look at what you donít have in life, youíll never have enough.Ē Ė Oprah Winfrey

Not every confident person is an optimist. Many look at life through a realistic lens. Whether an optimist or a realist, you wonít find confident people in a constant state of pessimism. Confident people know that focusing on the negative wonít get them anywhere. Instead, they make use of the positive, and they donít let negative thoughts control them.

They Donít Need to Be Right All the Time

Someone who seems to know everything about everything may seem confident in his opinions, but he could just be looking for approval by trying to appear smart. Truly confident people are willing to admit when theyíre wrong, and they know this opens them for opportunities to learn.

They Donít Let Failure or Fear Hold Them Back

ďToo many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.Ē Ė Les Brown

Confident people are willing to push the boundaries of their comfort zone because they know that stepping outside of it will help them learn, grow, and succeed. They understand that sometimes, the thing they fear doing is the same thing they need to do, but they go for it anyway.

They Donít Overcomplicate Things

A lack of confidence can cause us to fill our lives with lots of activities in an attempt to find fulfilment in the adrenaline-fuelled lifestyle or so that we donít have to face our insecurities. Confident people know what makes them feel whole, and they are able to prioritize and balance their lifestyle in a way where itís okay to say no so they can experience the things in life they truly care about.

They Donít Assume Theyíve Reached ĎPeakí Confidence

To be confident does not mean that youíve hit a max. You donít have to have 100 percent confidence in yourself to live a truly confident lifestyle, and people who are actually confident understand that they still have room to grow.

They Donít Blindly Accept That They Have to Live By All the Mentioned Attributes

ďIt is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.Ē Ė Aristotle

A truly confident person is unlikely to get offended by this post because he knows that he doesnít have to accept a strangerís advice to love himself as he is. Confident people are open-minded to new ideas, but they also take the time to consider whether or not they agree. In other words, donít take my word for it; just remain confident in your confidence and you should be good to go!

(Alicia Rades is a freelance writer and blogger who has a passion for sharing practical advice to help others succeed.)

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