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Something for the 'Inner star' in you

Pooja Umashanker                          Pic:Vipula Amarasinghe

The House of Lux launched a limited edition fine fragrance soap collection co-created with Deepika Padukone and with a new fragrance by Master Perfumer Alessandra Vinksnaitis at Park Street Mews on Wednesday (27 May).

"Every woman has an 'inner star' in her. The Lux Star Collection fragrance is all about that feeling of wearing a fabulous outfit that you know will make you feel like a star and give you the confidence to behave like one,", said Vinksnaitis, the co creator of the new Lux Star collection soaps, Sweet Temptation and Delicate Embrace.

Speaking of the new fragrance, he said, "The 'star' concept was the element that most inspired me. I thought of a young lady, very feminine and full of self-confidence who would sparkle by herself. She is self-assured, spontaneous and free-spirited. She is confident that she has an 'inner star' that is able to shine and charm everyone around her.

"I picked a beautiful bouquet of rose, jasmine and orchid fragrances to represent a woman's femininity infused with a blend of fragrances like vanilla and sandalwood."

Sri Lanka's darling of the silver screen, Pooja Umashanker who launched the two new soaps said she was delighted with the captivating fragrance of these soaps.

"To me the New Lux Star Collection is the launch of 2 new amazing fragrances that are encapsulated in a bar as opposed to a bottle" she said, adding, "I have always believed that scent is a key part of your invisible wardrobe and personality. The new Star Collection, to me evokes the feeling of getting all dressed up, feeling beautiful, charming and desirable when I step out. I believe every woman has an 'inner star' in her and the Star Collection is created to help her express that in a subtle but powerful way." The Star Collection launch was attended by a host of celebrities and fashionistas, as well as reputed beauty and fashion industry icons.

Fans were given the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with their favourite stars and fashion icons, while Sri Lanka's international beauty queen and champion of women's rights, State Minister Rosy Senanayake, too made a guest appearance. "What's so special about Lux is also the fact that it is a brand that has a great amount of legacy, including its association with some of the world's most glamorous women, from Elizabeth Taylor to Audrey Hepburn", said Rosy.

Michielle Ann, a 24-year-old participant from Dehiwala said, "I was selected for the Lux star collection launch through a teaser communication campaign which was on Television and Radio. We were asked to send our NIC number to a specific dedicated number and we stood a chance to be part of the Lux star collection launch. I am so happy to be here."The luckiest 100 girls who had won the opportunity to participate in the launch all dazzled in their glittering finery. Sri Lankan pop, R and B and jazz singer, Umaira Sinhawansa rocked the stage.

The Limited Edition Star Collection is the first ever co-created Lux beauty treat with a celebrity. Co-created with Deepika Padukone, Lux Lovers got a chance to step into the shoes of Deepika and experience her star like quality for themselves Describing the fragrance of the two new soaps, Unilever's Skin Cleansing Marketing Manager, Nilushi Jayatileke said "Sweet Temptation is one part fruity and one part flirty and playful.

It features Roses, Orchids and Jasmines with touches of Italian lemon, dewy greens and juicy red fruits, blended perfectly with creamy vanilla, making this fragrance addictive and irresistibly charming."

"Delicate Embrace on the other hand is a delicate floral bouquet of Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Iris, resting atop a cloud of halo-ed musks making this an utterly delectable fragrance," she said.

"Fragrance is very intimate. It is more than just something you dab on to smell nice. Fragrance, because of its connection to our emotions, can become part of a woman's personality," said Pooja.


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