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The Significance of Poson

Another Poson full moon day is around the corner. Sri Lankans are getting ready to celebrate this very important day to mark the advent of Venerable Mahinda Thera to Sri Lanka with the sublime doctrine of The Buddha.

Commemorating this great day with a profound sense has become more important today, than ever before, owing to the tragic situation that prevails in the country with regard to the nature and the environment, which of cause, could have been avoided in full, if the people of Sri Lanka continued to stick to the message Venerable Mahinda Thera brought to this country.

The taste and the nourishing ingredients of all agricultural crops, including rice, vegetables and fruits are fast dwindling due to the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, weedicides and artificial fertilizer.

Let alone the taste and the nutritional aspect, this situation has become the cause for many serous health hazards. This disastrous situation, which has been resulted by people's drifting away from the nature friendly lifestyle and practices, could have been avoided at least within Sri Lanka, if the people of this country did not deviate from the beneficial practices and methodologies they followed from generation to generation since the day Venerable Mahinda Thera set foot in this island twenty three centuries ago.

Venerable Mahinda Thera not only brought the core Buddhist doctrine to this country but inculcated an incomparable value system in Sri Lanka, based on Buddhist principles. This excellent value system consisted of sustainable agricultural methods and all means of preserving the nature and the environment for all times.

The great thera placed an enormous emphasis on the man's role in maintaining a proper equilibrium in the natural processes and the importance of man's being responsible for his actions in relation to the nature.

This clearly demonstrated by the following words Venerable Mahinda Thera uttered to King Devanampiya Tissa when the great thera met the king for the first time at Mihintale mountain.

"Oh! Great King, the birds of the air and the beasts on the earth have an equal right to live and move about in any part of this kingdom as thou. The land belongs to the people and all other living things, and thou art but the guardian of it"

During this Poson festive season it is opportune for everyone to look back at the profound message Venerable Mahinda Thera imparted to the people of this country with regard to the nature and the environment.

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