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An endearing book

The book of good love
by Juan Ruiz

Juan Ruiz was the Archpriest of Hita. This book deserves a Nobel prize, it is a masterpiece. I found it at the corner shelf of the library. I could re-read it a thousand times and still be mesmerised.

The poet at first praises God. He gives minute details of his cherished memories and explains live and love and teaches important lessons. Every lesson he teaches is well explained by an old fable.

Fast-readers might not enjoy its bliss, every line must be read slowly and savoured for every line teaches something significant.

The best way to read this book is to read it loud to yourself. This is a truly mesmerising book.


The amazing Bandura plant

The Bandura plant is an amazing and endemic plant in Sri Lanka. Endemic means it is native to one country or a place. In 1677, a Botanist Bartholinus found it and named it ‘Miranda Herb.’ In Latin it means Marvolour herb.

Three years later another Botanist named it Bandura Zinglalensium and after that the local name Bandura. It is also called the pitcher plant and Nepenthes Distillatoria. It has a sack like pitcher and a lid over the opening of the pitcher which stops rain water getting into the pitcher.

It has a liquid which attracts insects. It is a carnivorous plant. Bandura grows in wetlands such as the Sinharaja Forest and also in Hortain Plains. It grows in many countries such as Philippines, North Australia and Malaysia. But the natural habitat is in Sri Lanka.

There are two types-one is highland and the other is lowland. The lowland type has colourful pitchers and has to take great care to cultivate. The Bandura plants are eye-catching and beautiful. It is indeed an amazing and interesting plant.


I prefer to live in a village

The world continues its journey towards a new era. People work faster, easier and more efficiently. As a result, a greater percentage of human population prefers to live in the city. They can achieve their goals within a short time and in a shorter way. But, think for a moment, what they can get in the city. The basic requirements people need such as food, air, water and a healthy environment cannot be found from the city surroundings.

We see people struggling to live. The blue sky is covered with smoke from factories. Crystal clear water streams are contaminated with drainage systems which come out from many buildings. The concrete buildings on either side of the roads can be seen instead of paddy fields in the village.

The greenish land interspersed with paddy fields is a natural beauty in the village. The crystal water streams inspire rural life. The thickets are a paradise for birds. The village soil yields good crops because of the timely rains. People in the village are united and helpful to one another.

These reasons made me to live in a village.

My heroine

My heroine is Margaret Thatcher. She was born on October 13, 1925 in Grantham, England. She became a politician in 1975.

She was named the 'Iron Lady' by the Soviet media. Thatcher was the Education Secretary in Edward Heath’s government. One of her biggest achievements was the defeat of Argentina in the Falklands War in 1982.

Her husband was Sir Denis Thatcher. She had two children, Mark and Carol. Thatcher sent the Royal Navy task force to retake the islands from Argentinian control. Thatcher later entered the House of Lords in 1992.


Take wise decisions

We have to take various decisions on different occasions in life. Living can be defined as a series of decisions related to one another. This attempts to guide you in taking effective decisions in various situations and challenges in life. Although taking decisions appear to be a simple act it is in fact a complex mental process.

In order to take effective decisions one should be endowed with a certain level of intelligence together with a wide range of experience and a broad vision.

The decision of a person reflects on his personal development and the outcome of those decisions influence not only himself but also his family, school and society. Hence, the aim is to guide you to take correct decisions, give the strength necessary for it and through it to provide skills needed to achieve success in life.


Strangers who gave light to my life

I never imagined that I would meet such good friends who helped me and changed my attitude towards life. I still remember the first day we met. At first, I said no to my father when he asked me, “shall we give the room next to mine for some brothers.” It was my study room. I thought my freedom would be limited when they come.

When I saw them first, they greeted me with a hearty smile. To my surprise there was a sister too. I was wondering where she was going to stay. My father’s friend brought them. My father asked me, “shall we keep her.” Then I asked “where is she going to stay?” My father said “in your room.” She came near me and asked where she could stay with me. I understood that she was a different kind of person and I agreed to keep her. She was very happy.

When I remember the first day, I felt shy and was not so happy to welcome them, as I considered it a burden. There were four brothers and one sister who were like my own siblings. We played together, ate together, fought with one another, laughed and shared interesting stories. The sister helped me in my studies. The brothers helped me when I faced problems with my computer.

The brothers were Yasiru, Akila, Lahiru, Dinelka and the sister was Taniya. They were from the Moratuwa University. And there was another brother who was my father’s friend’s son and he was Akalanka. I gave nicknames for them. They were Genius, Brainy, Chubby, Angel and Rose flower. The sister was naughty, but still she was good and kind.

The day before they were leaving, I gave them a farewell party and took photographs and played cards. I will never forget that day. I miss them a lot.

If I am asked who do you want as siblings in my next birth, I will definitely select them all as my own.

Who are you?

It is an easy question to answer. You are yourself, no one else and that is the truth. That is nature.

You are you, dumb, crazy or may be dead serious and hard working. Whatever you are like, you are you, no one else. You are the best person you had ever met.

Nobody in this world is like you, you are unique, you are the only you in this world. So it is upto you to find who you are. It is pretty easy, all you have to do is to try new things and find your hidden wonderful abilities and use them to delight the world.

Remember that all these abilities, habits and looks are uniquely only yours and that is why people love you. So never change them because that is you.

So find out about your wonderful abilities and who you really are and then face the world the way you are. Good luck in finding out ‘Who you are.’

Knowledge is power

While the word 'Power' has all along been associated with muscular strength, the word 'Knowledge' is connected with the mind. The two words do not seem to have any connection.

However, today the word 'Power' has undergone tremendous transformation. It is said that the 'Pen is mightier than the sword'. An intelligent person is considered more important in society.

The present society respects psychologists, philosophers and literary men and women who make great contributions to mankind.

The comfort and luxuries that we enjoy today, are the consequences of studies and inventions of knowledgeable men.

Our National Flag

Our National Flag is known as the Lion Flag because there is a lion with a sword on it. There are many symbols in the flag and they represent various denominations in our country and also the qualities that Buddhism signifies.

The lion with a sword represents the bravery of the Sinhalese. There is an orange and green stripe. The orange stripe represents the Tamils and the green stripe represents the Muslims.

The yellow border symbolises unity. There are four bo-leaves on the four corners of the flag which represents Mettha, Muditha, Upeksha and Karuna.


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