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SLFP in crisis over MRs role

Premajayantha joins Rajapaksa faction tomorrow:

UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha is expected to join the pro -Rajapaksa group tomorrow, the Sunday Observer reliably learns. Party insiders worry that this expected move by a party stalwart could precipitate a wholesale shift by a number of parliamentarians to the Rajapaksa camp thereby creating a major split in the party.

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Dissolution not welcomed by all parties

SLFP, JHU unhappy; Ganeshan and alliance gearing up for elections:

The dissolution of Parliament may have been long-awaited, but some major and minor political parties are not so happy about it.The SLFP is unhappy, according to one party senior, because of the failure by the government to ensure the 20th Amendment to the Constitution is passed into law during this Parliament.

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Isolating communities, bedrock for new terrorism - Mangala

Engagement and dialogue are essential to ensure dissenting views are heard and agrieved parties resolve their issues without having to resort to violence, said Minister of External Affairs Mangala Samaraweera in an one- hour media briefing held two days prior to the dissolution of Parliament. The Minister elaborated that new forms of terrorism would emerge if aggrieved communities are isolated.

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Why Muslims are against 20A

Muslims living scattered all over the island, with special concentration in the east but often in small pockets in the predominantly Sinhalese areas, fear that their representations in the parliament will be reduced considerably under the proposed 20th amendment to the constitution on electoral reforms ,

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