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A man takes a quick shower in the scorching heat (

Karachchi’s doom’s day

Heat wave kills over 1,000 people in Pakistan:

Karachi is burning. Over the past week, Pakistan’s largest and most populated city has been scorched by a heat wave that has claimed more than 1,000 lives. Morgues are packed with the dead found collapsed on the streets, unidentified and now headed for mass graves.

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The enemy combatants

Terrorists can also be journalists, says the Pentagon Manual:

The Pentagon’s new thick book of instructions for waging war the legal way says that terrorists also can be journalists. The description appears in an 1176-paged, richly footnoted ‘Department of Defense Law of War Manual’ that tells commanders the right and wrong way to kill the enemy.

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The missionary of charity

Sister Nirmala Joshi, who succeeded Mother Teresa as the head of the Missionaries of Charity founded by the Nobel laureate, died in Kolkata on Tuesday morning. She was 81. Born in Doranda, Ranchi in 1934 to a Brahmin soldier who moved to India from Nepal, Nirmala Joshi joined the Missionaries of Charity order at the age of 17 after converting to Christianity.

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