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Increase in import of zero-emission vehicles

The global trend is shifting towards green technology, be it industry, agriculture or technical.

The automobile industry has also turned towards green technology such as zero emission, Defence Ministry Secretary, B.M.U.D. Basnayake told the Vehicle Importers Association of Lanka (VIAL) Business Conference 2015 in Colombo recently.

He said as borne out by the statistics of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, import of hybrid vehicles in 2011 recorded an unprecedented growth of 1,200 percent compared to 2010. It has been on the rise since then.

This is clear proof that people care about the environment. Vehicle importers should promote zero emission while also promoting the setting of facilities islandwide to recharge electric vehicles.There has also been a sharp increase in zero-emission vehicle imports to Sri Lanka during the past few months with the tax down to 5 percent.

Obviously these steps have proved Sri Lanka’s commitment to reduce climate change and global warming. In a few years time, the Sri Lankan vehicle market would move from the ideology of societal concept to a humanitarian concept as the scholar of marketing concepts, Philip Kotler had said.

Sri Lanka hopes that car manufacturers and importers will give prominence to zero-emission vehicles. One of the ultimate aims of good governance is to help people realise their dream of buying a family vehicle, preferably a small one for business purposes.

Moreover, vehicles less than 1000 cc, have become a popular means of transport.

The lowering of taxes on hybrid vehicles opened avenues for many families to buy a vehicle.

He stressed the need to pursue environment-friendly policies in the development drive and to be cautious of environmental issues, especially pollution by vehicles emissions.National Security plays a pivotal role, since the economy would flourish only if peace exists in the country, the Defence Secretary said.

The main objective of the conference was to further strengthen the relationship between the Vehicle Importers’ Association of Lanka Ltd (VIAL) and the Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) and other delegates from Thailand and United kingdom. About 50 members of vehicle export sectors of Japan, Thailand and the United Kingdom were present.



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