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August 17 polls:

Ex LTTErs to uphold democracy

LTTE ex-combatants running for the August 17 parliamentary polls would work on the principles of democracy, brotherhood and compromise with their Southern counterparts, shunning violence, the Administrative Head of their political party Rasiah Kirubhakaran alias Kadir told the Sunday Observer.

Taking a momentous decision to contest the up-coming polls, over 300 ex-combatants founded their political party, the Crusaders for Democracy, with veteran journalist Nadesapillai Vidyatharan as its convenor and Kadir as its administrative chief and fielded candidates as an independent group in the Jaffna electoral district. They have the support of other rehabilitated ex-combatants, he said.

As contenders in the polls, they would be guided by the principles of democracy, non-violence and goodwill, he said. Their primary function as a political party would be building mutual confidence and trust with the South and also allaying unfounded fears that a violent political culture would re-emerge in the North, Kadir said.

As a gesture of goodwill to the Southern brothers and out of gratitude to the authorities for their rehabilitation they would not comment either on the UN War Crimes Inquiries during the final battle or their tragic past as LTTE combatants, he said.

The Northern province is now experiencing anti-social activities, alcoholism, drug menace, exploitation of the society, incidents of rape and other crimes and the political parties representing the people had failed miserably in taking corrective action.

It will, therefore, be their primary duty as a political force to work in coordination with the administrative as well as the law enforcement authorities to maintain law and order in the society and eradicate anti-social and criminal activities, Kadir said.

Together with the TNA and other parties they will form a strong political force to voice for the rights of the Tamils and for their socio-economic uplift including development in the spheres of education, health, agriculture, infrastructure and housing, he said. They have fielded candidates only in the Jaffna district because fielding candidates in other North-East electoral districts would scatter the votes and consequently, forfeit Tamilsí representation, he said.


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