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Hot Butter Collective puts NYC's Con Artists on show in Slap: Adhesives and Egos:

The Rv8y 5tvdio Gvll3ry played host to the Con Artist Collective on July 17, when an exhibition of stickers from artists in Colombo, New York, Singapore and the world over, were put on display.

The collected works ' Slap: Adhesives and Egos' was a nod at the work of street artists; a recognition of the enduring legacy of a message left to weather the passage of time.

Brought to Colombo by the Hot Butter Collective, which just last month produced 'In Space', an immersive exhibition, the event, 'Slap: Adhesives and Ego' was the culmination of an open call for submissions.

Over 200 submissions were received, and Ryan Wjayaratne from the collective Hot Butter, who spearheaded the Colombo chapter of the initiative, expressed pleasure at how well the event had gone off. Ryan, a recent graduate of the New York Film Academy and creative director at photography studio You're My Favourite, is the grandson of Jonathan Wijayaratne of Jonathan's Photography Havelock Road. He had worked previously with the Con Artist Collective in New York and had been eager to work out the details of collaboration between that metropolis and his native Colombo.

The Con Artist Collective is an art collective and gallery in New York. It was started in early 2010 and is a shared workspace for artists. The Hot Butter Collective is a multi-disciplinary art-collective in Colombo. The Rv8y 5tvdio Gvll3ry is a Geoffrey Bawa designed studio space and gallery that acts as an innovative forum for artists.


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