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tao of Dana - Creating your own Universe

.... is a part of making Life into Art!

I love the art as life and life as art idea so much... but its far better when it's not an idea but becomes your reality.

Today's thoughts on life as art are all about seeing the world in your own way and creating the language in your life - in fun ways- that is inimitably YOU. When life is your art, you'll always feel more self-expressed and more grounded in your truth!

We see a whole lot of 'branding' these days in culture. My acupuncturist is the only health care provider I know who doesn't have a 'brand' that is recognizable.

And, of course, everyone with a blog- and that's millions of you- have an eye toward visual brand recognition.

The thing is... your brand... if it works... is really just YOU.

You don't need a brand in any way to have this concept hold true, having a life that people recognize as your 'style'.

The more creative freedom you feel, the easier it is to curate your days in this way.

Your personal style, the way you eat, the books you read, the vacations you take, your hobbies and passions... and yes... your home and office... should really just tap into you and your best.

The idea of trying to 'be branded' or artificially forcing your work and style into a mould... it is very antiquated and feels- and is- false.

When I was first studying feng shui, the founder of the Pyramid School Feng Shui School, Nancilee Wydra, said when you look at the doorway to her house you just know it's her house.

That's the essence of imprinting your style everywhere. Maybe this means your front door is a shade of burgundy or metallic gold, your shoes are always one kind that you love, or your plates (my personal thing) tend to look rainbow coloured?

The art I have included in this article is from a sensational exhibition of Yayoi Kusama, an 86-year-old Japanese genius artist. She wears coloured wigs, she speaks of her own philosophy of life, she's voluntarily lived in a psychiatric facility in Japan right near her art studio for years, she deeply indulges in polka dots, ultra-brights, shiny alloys, sparking and twinkling universes that you just know are hers.

She's the ultra-extreme example of turning her life into art, despite having an extreme lot of cards stacked against her. This really inspires me, particularly when she talks about going to the top of the Empire State Building when she first got to New York and deciding she'd be well- known one day because she was so full of talent and creative energy:

Live much more with colour, art and music. Watch films, go on your own spirit quest, play games and explore madly.

While I don't promote the idea of falling into your personal creative abyss or managed madness as Yayoi Kusama has, repeatedly, in her passionate life as a creative tornado, going a little wild (you should see the laboratory of home goods in my house right now!) is worth it in the name of bringing your best to every day!


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