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Golden Chimes Then and Now

"The occasion will be a double celebration for us," says Lankika of Golden Chimes fame. The reason being that Chanaka Perera, leader of the Golden Chimes celebrates his unbroken 50 years in the field of music, with Lankika closes behind with 45 years as an active performer in the music industry.

This exciting event will be held on August 23 at Hotel Ramadiya, Ranmal Holiday Resort from 6.30 p.m. onwards. The show will be threaded together by Vijaya Corea. Each member of the audience will receive a free song book containing the lyrics of about 45 hits associated with the Golden Chimes, Moonstones as well as popular English chart hits of the 60s and 70s. A detailed history of the Golden Chimes is also included in the pages. At the celebrations Golden Chimes will be joined by Anil Bhareti and Rukshan Perera former members of the band.

Chanaka Perera who started his musical career in 1965 with the Beacons has come a long way since then. They were one of the popular bands heading the dance music scene the other leading lights in Colombo the Jetliners, Spitfires and the Harold Seneviratne Combo. Soon after, Chanaka joined the Moonstones with Clarence Wijewardena and Annesley Malawana. Moonstones didn't last long for after, Golden Chimes became a reality with Clarence Wijewardena at the helm, Chanaka Perera - bass/vocals, Dixon Goonaratne- lead guitar and Wijith Peiris - drums.

Lankika Perera joined Golden Chimes in 1971 and released their debut EP with the now popular hits Kimada Naave, Mage Pelpathe, Sihin Sinawai and Samanalayo. Basking in their popularity, Golden Chimes released further three other EP's and commenced their successful run of regular performances at hotels down South which earned them the title of Most Popular Band in 1985 and the next year they carried off the coveted prize of the Most Outstanding Band of Musical Stars Contest organised for Western Musicians.

Golden Chimes Then and Golden Chimes Now will be memories for you to treasure.


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