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Dinouk Goonewardena - overall winner of the RCYC Blu Sailing Regatta receiving the award from Lankesha Ponnamperuma, Manager at the Blu Trincomalee

Sailing Regatta at Blu Trincomalee:

Sun, wind and a whole lot of fun

Sun, wind and an ocean spread out like a giant canvass..... One couldn't have asked for better conditions as one of the most contrarily exciting water sports events, the Sailing Regatta, came to a conclusion at Blu Trincomalee.

A Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts /Royal Colombo Yacht Club (RCYC) event put together for the 6th consecutive year at Blu Trincomalee, it saw sailors of different skill levels, both veterans and novices, converging at Blu for the two-day extravaganza.

A total of 35 boats of different categories took to the water as the Regatta got underway. The sailing fleet consisted of 16 Optimists, a class of boat sailed by children under the age of 15; 11 lasers, which are single-man boats; 5 Enterprises, 1 GP14 and 1 Catamaran all of which are two-man boats. The event also featured the Sri Lanka Navy team, who participated in the Enterprise and Laser class, along with former members of the Sri Lanka Sailing Team.

The winner of the Optimist class was young Kethaka Weerasuriya from St Thomas College, with Akhil Jayawardena from the British School in Colombo in second place, and Akil Ismail from St Thomas College in third place.

The winner of the Laser Class was Dinouk Goonewardena from the British School in Colombo, with K. G. C. U. S. Bandara from Sri Lanka Navy in second place and P. D. D. S Rajakaksha from Sri Lanka Navy in third place. The overall winner of the RCYC Blu Sailing Regatta across all classes of boats was Dinouk Goonewardena with two teams from Sri Lanka Navy placed in second and third place.

The Regatta was an adventure and fun-filled event, as participants and spectators reveled in the spirit of friendly competition whilst witnessing the high quality of sailing skills on the water.

"Sri Lanka has a vibrant history in the sport of sailing and Cinnamon Hotel & Resorts are proud to be associated with this unique event. Cinnamon regularly organizes contemporary and lifestyle events of this nature and the 6th Annual Sailing Regatta once again showcased the Cinnamon brand's affinity for adding value to people's lifestyles.

The Royal Colombo Yacht Club has contributed to spreading the popularity of the sport in Sri Lanka and Cinnamon is also rising up to the challenge by hosting this Sailing regatta over the last six years to further create a buzz about this enjoyable sport"- said Dileep Mudadeniya, Head of Brand Marketing for Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts

Nestled in the pristine beaches of Trincomalee is the Blu by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, where relaxation is accomplished through experiencing the myriad sounds, tastes, sights and smells of real life. Once a 70s resort originally designed to resemble a great sailing vessel, was transformed and launched in 2010 to a distinguishable retro-chic design.

The 81 rooms in theme with the stylish retro design are decorated with bleached wooden decks, cut-cement floors, rattan furniture, and denim trimmings. A splash of bright orange is used to contrast the blue and white hues.

Built around the theme of sun, sand and water-based fun activities, the Blu in Trincomalee provides great travel stories for guests, with exciting excursions such as whale and dolphin watching and spectacular diving and snorkeling opportunities.


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