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The things they said and wrote

... and Menika's catty comments:

Geetha Kumarasinghe: Former Southern Province Councillor; actress among other actings and now candidate of the UPFA, is reported to have said at a meeting in Yakkalamulla, wherever that is, that "Maithri made an infantile speech and became an enemy of the Yahapalanaya. His speech was similar to one made by a child in a primary school. Although his name is Maithri, he has become an enemy." She has also accused the President of trying to split the party - SLFP/UPFA.

Menike: How truly infantile she is to label the President's excellent speech to the media on July 14 thus. Also, is she so deaf and dumb to say the President is splitting their party? He has tried very hard, even earning the ire of the people and accusations that he dealt with the former prez with velvet gloves allowing his nomination to be handed over to the elections office, instead of preventing it, to keep the SLFP and the UPFA intact.

Does she not realize that it is her hero, Mahinda Rajapaksa, who she says 'saved our country' that split the two blue parties, more so the UPFA, by coming forward to contest the Parliamentary elections? She says they will sacrifice their lives to hand the country back to him. When did she and her co-acolytes of MR get proprietary rights over Sri Lanka to give it to this one and that?

The advice this cat gives this actress Pussy is to go sacrifice her life. Looks like it will come to pass, at least her political life. Go back woman forsaking politics and do what you are used to - ahem, being sexily attractive. There comes a compliment! If you Geetha had made this sharp crit of the ex-President and accused Mahinda Rajapaksa of crimes against the people or the Party, a white van ride would have been the beginning of your end.

Vote for someone you trust

D. M. Jayaratne: Former Prime Minister of this Socialist Democratic country, truly so retaining a disabled old man as PM with so many abler waiting in the queue but seen in the eyes of the ex Prez as useful being useless with age and sickness. In his thumping for his son Anuradha to win a seat, he advises: "Vote someone you trust."

Menike: We most certainly will, Mr Jayaratne Snr. Your son is not in our list of trustworthies because it was reported openly in the daily press that his earlier election campaign was funded by a drug lord from Pakistan. What's the Pakistani's reason for this magnanimity?

This time around people seem to be truly educated about their right and might in bringing in honest MPs. Money cannot fool them and the strong arm of a corrupt government is no longer there to frighten people to vote as the powers that be decree. The strong arm is with the Elections Commissioner who is given a free hand from his boss the Prez to do all he can, with the police aiding, to hold a clean and fair election.

Ven Dambara Amila Thera: "Now MR cannot spread racism or send white vans."

Menike: Those few words say so much. Racism has so much meaning in it and of course evil and unfairness and MR spreading it is now known. His sidekick Weerawanse is the mouthpiece for this. "There's an LTTE hiding in every bush and cranny and the Tamil Diaspora aided by America will take over Sri Lanka" he will declaim as if it is the gospel truth. The majority of Sri Lankans know the true picture now of how certain politicians want to and actively try to raise the medusa heads of racism and religious disharmony. Such should get into their own white vans and disappear.

I object

I felt objection to most of what was headlined in a political comment in another Sunday newspaper on July 19. I object to President Sirisena's address to the media on July 14 being banner headlined as a faux pas as the political watcher did. My dictionary says this expression faux pas means "word or behaviour that are a social mistake or not polite." I see no social mistake having been made by President Sirisena nor his being rude or impolite. So the label of faux pas goes out of the window - in disgust.

Other headlines in this article were: 'Record crowd for UPFA inaugural rally'; 'Sirisena's photo not displayed as UPFA kicks off campaign'; 'LSSP leader Prof Tissa Vitarana pledges to abolish executive presidency'.

My reply comments are: true, a massive crowd was seen in Anuradhapura but as someone wise pronounced recently, numbers at election meetings do not equal votes. Also the President of the Private Bus Owners Association, Gemunu Wijeratne said that many buses were hired (commandeered?) to carry passengers to A'pura for the rally. About the photograph: more's the pity that the UPFA is so mean-minded and petty. It's good President Sirisena was not associated with the UPFA rally even via a photograph.

To come to the third subtitle, is Prof Vitarana intending to achieve this abolishment single-handedly? Great of these self seeking sycophants! Of course we have been told that if the UPFA wins a few extra seats over the other parties, they will, in true blue Rajapaksa fashion buy more to join them and act drastically against the President, throwing the country so unnecessarily into utter chaos and turmoil, simply due to a few people's insatiable hunger for power. Money seems to be no consideration for most members contesting from the UPFA who were previously Ministers and such like. Were they all inheritors of great wealth from their parents? We know who they were. Like a Minister now dead whose widow resigned from the Cabinet which is still functional in protest against Mr Sirisena's address, is reported to have said he earned millions from his law practice.

Did he, did he not is a question being asked after pictures of a drunken supporter at a recent UPFA rally approached Mahinda Rajapakse whose angry face looked like thunder. I hope the stupid man who had taken too much and got over-enthusiastic about the candidate and wanted to personally wish him well, is safe. Others saved him from receiving a slap. Hope his drunken gesture did not get him behind bars or worse.This cat is purring with malicious glee as she watches the canvassing caravans pass by via television and reading the newspapers and of course snatching whatever is sent down the grapevine of gossip!




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