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Sunday, 26 July 2015


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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette
Colonial Motors Ceylon Ltd. launched the Mazda 2 in Colombo last week. Here visitors take a close look at the vehicle.
Pic: Ranjith Asanka

Unpaid bills delay road projects

Construction of roads and highways, a penchant of the Rajapaksa regime, which turned into a well-spring to amass wealth, ran into serious difficulty when the government was left with a hefty outstanding bill of Rs. 38.178 billion to be paid to local contractors for work done up to December 31, 2014.

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‘FDIs will drive future economic growth’

Sri Lanka’s business environment is driven by politics, and it needs to change regardless of the people who sit in Government. Our future Government hopes to put in place a framework to ensure that confidence will return and business will operate without political interference,

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General Election manifestos

UNP: A new country in 60 months JVP: Focus on building a modern society:

The United National Front for Good Governance released its election manifesto, ‘A New Country in 60 Months: Five Point Plan’ at the Viharamahadevi Park in Colombo on Thursday. The manifesto outlines the policy of the UNP-led front for the next five years. Its five main points are, growing the economy,

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Lotus Tower project:

Political interference in lift contract - TRC

More skulduggery of the former regime under the pretext of development has come to light with the cost of the Lotus Tower project on D.R. Wijewardene Mawatha exceeding the initial investment due to the delay and haphazard planning and implementation of the mega sky rise complex.

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