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Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll was born in Daresbury in England. He became a teacher in 1855. He enjoyed teaching children. He loved to be with children.

He wrote stories for children. Two of his stories became world famous. They are ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘What Alice found there.’ ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has been translated into more than 30 languages.

Lewis Carroll loved to be with children around him and relate humorous stories. He died in 1898.


My favourite book

I have read many books in my life such as ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, Madol Duwa, ‘Secret Seven’ and ‘Scary Stories.’

My favourite book is ‘Harry Potter’, because it is interesting. Many people have read the Harry Potter series as their favourite books.

There are many characters such as Harry, Ron, Herminy, Dobby, Leenix and bird. Harry is the main character. He is one of the bravest boys and is my hero. Ron and Herminy are his friends.

Harry’s mother and father died in an accident when he was young.

But, Harry escaped.

Harry’s school is magical with many witches and wizards. Harry and the other students invented chemicals in their lessons. Harry and his friends did many experiments to improve their knowledge in magic.

The Harry Potter books are illustrated by J.K. Rowling. She is a bright person. I hope the “Harry Potter” series will be brighter in the next generation.


My unforgettable teachers

Many good teachers have taught me. They worked hard to teach us. Their dedication was marvellous. My teachers did not worry about their time and energy. I have excelled in my studies thanks to the teacher who taught me.

Keeping them in my mind, one day, I will become an English teacher. I will work for the people who are in need.


The value of newspapers

Newspapers widen one’s knowledge. They are useful for people of all ages. A wide variety of articles are published in the newspapers. It varies from country to country, the format and the lifestyle.

It is also a good advertising media. Most newspapers are published online or printed. Newspapers can be categorised as daily or weekly. News magazines are at times printed monthly. Newspapers are published daily and weekly.

Newspapers give us news such as political events, business matters, health, technology, sports, fashions and arts. We can select them according to our choice.


A day with new friends

It was a Monday, in July. We were busy with our studies, as we had to sit for our second term test. Our English teacher wanted to meet us during the interval for a new program. As we were engaged in many extra-curricular activities it was not a new thing for us.

We gathered at the English activity room. There were 35 of us. The teacher explained the purpose of the meeting. It was a project by the British Council. She showed photographs on how to connect with new friends via the Internet and share our knowledge. The program inspired me as we have not done any such programs earlier.

She explained the eight themes of the projects. She wanted us to discuss them in groups. The theme which interested me most was the art project (from our window) as I was good in art.

The other was the project on traditional dresses. We searched the Internet for facts and was amazed to read about traditional dresses. I was asked to find more on Chinese dresses and to prepare a booklet.

The next activity was the traditional dress parade where we clad in dresses of different countries. My mother sewed a Chinese dress for me. My friends too were clad in dresses from different countries. It was a blend of many races.

Finally, the day arrived for us to have a Skype chat with our new partner. We waited eagerly for the day as we had not done a Skype chat earlier.

The time was around 11 a.m. when they came on the screen. We discussed many things. They sang their national anthem and we too sang ours. They showed their school photographs and we did likewise. They told us about our cricketers and we felt very proud of our country.

The program helped me to improve my knowledge in English as well as knowledge on different countries. We found new friends. It was really a heartfelt program for me.

The Jungle Monarch

I am the tiger, the monarch of the jungle,
I listen with hate as I hear a big rumble.
And the wild beast stampede away,
As I sweat in the hot sun of May.
I do like meat and I want a treat,
Freshly cut roasts of meat!
But then again, I have to hunt,
I cannot let my knife get blunt.
I am the monarch of the jungle
All of my rule is wise and humble
I am the lord of the trees
Supreme king of the beasts!

The Sunday fair

We have the Sunday fair every week where people come to buy things. Men and women bring vegetables and fruits. Fish mongers sell fish, prawns and crabs. There are pots and pans in one place and clothes and fancy goods in another.

“Cadju... cadju...,” calls the cadju nut sellers. “Ice cream... ice cream...,” says the ice cream man. Small girls and boys buy cadju and ice cream. They buy sweets and toys too.

People buy many things at the Sunday fair. They go home with their baskets full. The sellers go home with their bags full of money.


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