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GTF urges:

Consolidate progressive changes

Global Tamil Forum (GTF) has strongly urged the Tamil people and all citizens of Sri Lanka to do their historic duty at the August 17 Parliamentary Elections by carefully voting for the parties and candidates with the main objective of consolidating the progressive changes and gains made during the recent past.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the Forum, said the presidential election of January 8, 2015 was a turning point in the recent political history of Sri Lanka where the voters overwhelmingly rejected the undemocratic, corrupt, intolerant and violent political culture practiced at that time.

"Undoubtedly that election outcome brought welcome changes that included the adoption of the progressive 19th Amendment to the Constitution, the expansion of the democratic space available for freedom of expression and rule of law, and the reduced fear for the minority communities from ethno-religious extremism," the statement said, pointing out that the changes were recognised and welcomed across the major capitals of the world, and hence it was the duty of all responsible Sri Lankan citizens to ensure these tenuous beginnings are consolidated without giving any chance for their reversal.

"It is our collective view that a strong and tested representation of Tamil interests spanning across the entire Northern and Eastern provinces, together with victory for the progressive forces in the South that advocate democracy and good governance, will greatly enhance the chances of achieving a negotiated political resolution, accountability, justice and sustainable reconciliation in Sri Lanka," the Forum further stated.



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