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Our Earth

The Earth is ours to enjoy,
For every little girl and boy.
But we must always be aware,
That all its beauty we must share,
With all the children yet to come,
Who want to laugh and play and run,
Around the trees and in the fields.

So we must keep our planet free,
From messy trash and debris.
With air that's clean and fresh and clear,
For all to breathe from year to year,
We must never ever abuse,
Our sweet Earth that's ours to use.


If I were a tree

If I were a tree
I'd tousle my leaves,
And lift up my branches,
To stretch and receive,
The sun and the rain,
Cradling each cool drop,
'Til a chorus of wind,
Would rouse them to plop,
On the moss-covered roots,
Where I'd make a soft shade,
And beckon birds home,
When day starts to fade.


What colours do I know?

See, see, see!
Many colours of roses...
Plum purple,
Tomato red,
Corn yellow,
Carrot orange.
Raddish white,
Peas green!
Wow, wow, wow, lovely!
I learn so many colours,
When I pick roses for mum!


Everyone has a Name

Everybody has a name,
Some are different,
Some are the same,
Some are short,
Some are long,
All are right,
None are wrong.
My name is ---------------.
It's special to me.
It's exactly who
I want to be!

Safety pin

Closed, it sleeps
On its side quietly,
The silver image,
Of some small fish.

Opened, it snaps
Its tail out like a thin Shrimp,
And looks at the sharp,
Point with a surprised eye.



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