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Sunday, 9 August 2015





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Government Gazette

Sunday Politics with Rasika Jayakody

Emerging clues of Thajudeen, Lasantha killings:

UNF plans a grand ‘national Govt’

Wasim Thajudeen, a prominent rugby player, who is believed to have been assassinated, has begun to haunt former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election campaign. Although Rajapaksa or his family members have not been mentioned as suspects in the case so far, fingers have already been directed at the previous regime over the murder of the rugby player.

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Behind Closed Doors

The Thajudeen factor, forked tongues and the ‘Master Blaster’ jump

The ‘Master Blaster’ of the deep South is ready to extend his support to the UNP officially. The world famous ‘blaster’ resigned from electoral politics soon after the announcement of Parliamentary elections and a few days later his mother publicly extended her support to the UNP campaign.

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cat’S eye

Mercy Me! Elections are around the corner!

And this cat is rearing to get to that corner! Just one week and one day more for going early in the morning to cast the precious vote; gather some interesting things to munch on all night long; sleep long in the afternoon to keep awake that night, and have the cell phone fully charged to call co-result-watchers through the wee hours.

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