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Our annual education tour

The annual education tour is an important event in our school calendar. We set off from school on a day in March at 6.00 a.m. to see the Laxapana hydro-power station. Most of the Grade Nine students joined the trip. Altogether there were four buses. We clapped and sang songs on our way. My friends had brought drums and guitars. We shared sandwiches, biscuits and sweets while travelling.

We reached Laxapana around 1.00 p.m. We learnt how electricity is generated from water at the Laxapana reservoir. We asked questions and gathered information. Thereafter, we went to a tea factory in Hatton. We saw how tea leaves are dried, weighed and sorted.

We had a buffet lunch at the Anjana Rest House. We enjoyed it and played in the children’s park after lunch.

Then we went to see Baker’s Falls. It was a breathtaking sight. We started our journey back to school and reached Colombo around 10.00 p.m. Our parents were waiting for us. All the students enjoyed the educational tour which was a valuable experience.


Sir Charles Babbage

Sir Charles Babbage (1791-1871) is a great scientist. He is the father of the computer. He was a British Mathematician. Babage was the inventor who designed and built mechanical computing machines which led the invention of the modern computer. He was responsible for the tremendous technological advancement in the world.

Due attention was not paid by scientists for his work at that time. The development of different machines, invented by him were also abandoned half way due to lack of funds and was collecting dust in the Kings College Museum.

Some of the inventions of Charles Babbage are the cow-catcher of the railway, dynamo meter, standard rail road gauge, uniform postal rate, occulting lights for the light house, Greenwich time signals and the Heliograph Opthalmoscope.

Sinharaja Forest

Sinharaja is the first World Heritage forest in Sri Lanka. Many streams start from the high ground of Sinharaja and flow into bigger rivers. There is a small waterfall called Duhuvilli Ella. The rainfall in the area is high throughout the year.

It makes the waterways rush and gush adding beauty to the forest. The vegetation at Sinharaja is attractive. The forest has mothered the trees, creepers and streams at Sinharaja. It has been home to the elephants, leopards, deer and sambhur.

It has given protection to birds, bees and butterflies. Visitors are welcomed as long as they go in, leave nothing behind and take nothing, except the wonderful memories of Sinharaja. We are really proud of this green land.


An enjoyable trip

We went on our annual school trip on January 27 this year. On the day of the trip, we came to school early in the morning and got into the buses and began our journey.

At first we went to the Kelaniya temple. There were many people who had come to worship the Buddha. Next we went to Parliament which is surrounded by the Diyawanna Oya. We were given a cup of tea each at the Parliament canteen.

Then we went to Ape Gama and had lunch. We had fried rice and left for the Meteorological Department.

Finally, we went to the Vihara Maha Devi Park. We ate ice cream and played games and took photographs.

While we were returning from Colombo we sang to our heart's content. This was the most enjoyable trip that I have ever gone and will never forget it.



‘If you have courage you can succeed’

Courage is important in life. One needs courage to fulfil one's dreams. When someone fails to achieve something he must not give up. You must build courage and reach it.

No one has succeeded without courage. A courageous person can set an example to others and be proud of himself.

We must take this saying to heart “If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.”


The environment consists of trees, animals, birds and human beings. Trees give us food, shade, rain, medicine, fresh air, and timber.

Trees and plants help make our environment beautiful. Human beings cannot live without trees. We must protect the environment.


My town

I live in Kelaniya. It is in the Western Province. It is a famous town in the Gampaha district.

Many people visit the temple in Kelaniya. It is believed that the Buddha visited Kelaniya for the third time. I study at the Dhamma school in the temple.

The university of Kelaniya which is world famous is situated in Kelaniya. Many students study various subjects there. The ‘Water World’ is in Biyagama. My town is neat and clean. I like my town very much.

My ambition

My ambition is to become an English teacher. Today many children are not fluent in English. I like to teach English when I grow up.

I am keen in learning English. It is my favourite subject. One day when my dream comes true, I will guide and teach the children well.

Madduma Bandara

Madduma Bandara is a national hero. His father was Ehelepola and his mother was Ehelepola Kumarihamy. He was one of the King's ministers. His brother's name is Loku Bandara and he had a younger sister too.

King Sri Wickremarajasinghe got angry with Ehelepola as he did not obey his orders. The King then announced that his minister, Ehalepola should be punished. When Ehelepola got to know about this, he fled to the British for help.

Ehelepola's wife and children got caught to the King. When Loku Bandara was ordered to be murdered by the King, Madduma Bandara said, “Brother do not fear death, I will show how one will die.”


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