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M. Dilshan Basnayake, who holds a degree in Digital Media from the Middlesex University and is currently doing an MBA and working towards obtaining his Commercial Pilot Licence, is one a young candidate from the Democratic Party. He talks about why he entered politics and his journey forward.

M. Dilshan Basnayake

Question: What inspired you to enter politics?

Answer: Knowing Field Marshal Fonseka and Mrs. Fonseka since my very young age. He has always been my idol. I personally know his honesty and disciplined living style. He always made clear that he is against corruption, thuggery and anti-law behaviour. I am always inspired by his work and attitudes. All his actions and his involvement in current politics made me take this decision to step forward as a young person to create a new culture in Sri Lanka.

Question: Do you want to change the present political culture? If so how?

Answer: As most of the intelligent people, I also believe we need to make huge changes in the present politics. We all know corruption and other illegal activities are sky rocketing day by day. All the main political parties who have been in power last few decades are responsible for having thugs, drug dealers and other anti-social elements in Parliament.

Politicians got their support to come in to power. For the last 10 years we experienced how a family ruled the country and their sons, daughters and other relatives misused their power, abusing law and order in the country as they wished.

They simply destroyed the culture and peace among different religions and races. Discrimination was at its peak.

Shootings, kidnappings, using military power to control civil riots, killing journalists, sports persons, youths reached a peak in those days and public was aware to a certain extent who were behind the incidents, even though most media were silenced by the government.

On January 8, 2015, we were able to win the first obstacle by changing the President. At least now we have a great opportunity of making an honourable Parliament where all intelligent and honest people get together. Not rapists, drug dealers, casino owners, thugs or any other anti social citizens.

It's time for the public to choose the correct and clean people. We should not choose people un-wisely just for the money candidates spend and giving off gifts or alcohol.

Youth are dangerously affected by alcohol and other illegal drugs.

It is the worst case scenario for the future of our country. The youth who have the responsibility of developing the country and bringing prosperity are in danger.

Law and order is declined in the country and we see a rapid increase in road accidents throughout last few years.

Under-engineered road development programs, increase in vehicles on the roads, under-maintained vehicles as well as the under-trained drivers were main reasons for those road accidents. We must maintain 100 percent discipline in driving and police have the biggest responsibility to maintain it regardless of political or any other background. These are only few things in my mind to create a beautiful Sri Lanka. I expect intelligent and loyal countrymen to support our good cause.  


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