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South Asia Textile launches Rs 1 b expansion program

Textile manufacturer South Asia Textile Industries Lanka recently launched an expansion program, having already begun investing what will ultimately be over Rs. 1 billion, in the latest fifth Generation Hybrid/Nano technology used in state-of-art textile machinery in all its divisions. New equipment to be installed includes high-end fully computerised printing machines imported from Stork, in Austria and Holland.

At the same time, substantial investments have also been made in South Asia Textile Industries Lanka's state-of-the-art testing laboratory, gearing it up for the next generation of challenges.

With the addition of new, sophisticated equipment, the laboratory continues to maintain its highly sought after accreditation by leading global apparel brand names such as Marks & Spencer, NEXT, Limited Brands and many, many others.

South Asia Textile Industries Lanka, in keeping with international compliance standards, is nearing the achievement of the respected 'Zero Discharge' standard in terms of industrial waste, which is a major part of a commitment for 2020 by global clothing brands and apparel, and related industries.

Chief Executive Officer Prithiv Dorai said, "The large scale expansion will allow South Asia Textiles Industries Lanka to reach a completely new dimension in textile manufacturing in Sri Lanka.

Not only will it facilitate extensive benefits to local apparel manufacturers in terms of speed and flexibility, but it will also result in a greater availability of the latest fabric styles and colours, in keeping with international trends."

South Asia Textile Industries Lanka is a subsidiary of Lanka Century Investments PLC and Ceylon Leather Products PLC.


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