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Daniel's tea enters local market

Managing Director, Chelcey Trading (Pvt) Ltd., Vipula Gunasekara, Minister of Megapolis and Western Province Development, Patali Champika Ranawaka and Chairman, Chelcey Trading (Pvt) Ltd., Dr. Harsha Gamage.

The Chelcey Tea Company has launched two premium quality teas, Daniel's Rasata Kahata and Golden BOPF. Sustained with the strength of the parent company, Chelcey Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. and grown under its guidance, Chelcey has been steadily increasing its export quota since 2008, when the first consignment was shipped to Ukraine. Thereafter, Chelcey Tea reached many international markets, mainly in Eastern Europe, with Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, and Georgia being the markets to which the largest quantities of tea are exported.

Chairman, Chelcey Holdings, Dr. Harsha Gamage said, "I always had the idea of promoting our motherland and wanted a reliable, long-lasting and memorable product, and it was tea that suited that idea the best. With the company moving on steadily, everyone questioned why we were not providing the local market with this exceptional-quality tea. That pushed us to launch it in the local market".

The Chelcey Tea Company guarantees the quality, taste and freshness of tea in the production process.

The factories adhere to the highest standards, and the focus is on hygienic packaging and continuous monitoring. Producing the finest quality cup of tea is a work of passion at Daniel's Tea and the Master Taster makes sure that only the best is served to the company's discerning customers.


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