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Mercedes-Benz Classic Car forum for fourth year

The Mercedes-Benz Club of Sri Lanka with Diesel and Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) organized a Classic Car forum on the theme, 'A Star Today, A Classic Tomorrow' for the fourth consecutive year. The forum mainly focused on models manufactured from 1990-2000, which included the E-Class W124, the S-Class W140, the first generation of SLK-Class R170 and the first generation CLK - Class C208/C209.

The objective of the forum was to create awareness and establish the importance of Mercedes-Benz Classic cars among enthusiasts of the three-pointed star. The Mercedes-Benz is considered the most valuable luxury automotive brand in the world.

Hence many enthusiasts consider restoration and refurbishment of their old Mercedes-Benz Classics as an investment and as a self-fulfilling activity. Restoring a classic takes time, effort and patience and has to be done by experts in the industry. DIMO is in the forefront of providing expertise and assistance to refurbish classics.

DIMO provides customized service and maintenance packages, genuine spare parts for old cars and discounts on parts and labour. DIMO has a dedicated team of experienced specialists, trained by Daimler, to assist in repair and maintenance of classics.

Presentations were made by officials of the Mercedes-Benz Club and the Mercedes-Benz Team on the restoration of classics, while participants too raised questions and discussed the issues faced by them at the Dutch Burgher Union hall, Colombo 4.


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