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Winner: Sigiriya Fortress

The Sigiriya fortress is known as the Eighth Wonder of the world. It is a world heritage site named by UNESCO. Sigiriya is a rock citadel in the Matale district. King Kasyapa selected this large rock to build his palace on top of it. It is one of the historic sites in Sri Lanka.

There are colourful frescoes painted on the walls of Sigiriya. This gigantic picture gallery adorns the site.

These pictures have a close resemblance to the paintings in the Ajantha caves in India. However, the frescoes are unique. We should be proud of the Sigiriya Fortress and protect it.

Winner: Protect the environment

We celebrated World Environment Day recently.

There are a large number of plants in the world such as trees, herbs, shrubs and creepers. We have many natural resources such as canals, rivers and waterfalls.

There are many adverse effects when the environment is polluted such as soil erosion, floods and landslides. Destroying forests is a major disaster. Letís protect the environment.

Winner: Sinhala Literature Festival

We celebrated our annual Sinhala Literature Festival Sandara on July 7 at the Kurunegala YMBA hall. It was celebrated on a grand scale.

The chief guest was Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, Dr. Mahanama Wickramasinghe. The Festival was inaugurated by lighting the oil lamp and singing the national anthem by the school choir. The welcome speech was delivered by the Head of the Sinhala section, Jayatissa Makumbura.

Later, certificates were awarded to the winners of the Sinhala Day competitions for 2015. The school choir and the dancing troupes entertained the gathering.

The Chief Guest delivered a speech with sweet melodies explaining the value of Literature and its usefulness in day-to-day life.

I am proud of my school, because it has given equal priority to the Sinhala Language as in English, whereas most international schools give pride of place to the English language and related activities.

Winner: An unforgettable day

I still remember my first day in school. My mother woke me early in the morning to go to school. I was excited because it was my first day.

I went to school with my parents. My mother took me to the class teacher. I felt lonely when my mother left. I wanted to cry but my class teacher spoke to me kindly, sang songs and I played with my new friends.

When the bell rang, I was happy because I could go home. When I looked for my mother she came towards me. I held my motherís hand tight and went home. I hoped the next day too would also be a good day for me.

My first day in school was an unforgettable day in my life.

Winner: A dream

It was a rainy day. I was reading a story book on my bed. Suddenly I felt cold and fell asleep. I was climbing the mountain of Beragala with my friend Ama. We went into a cave. Ama trampled a big stone and suddenly a door closed and we got locked inside the cave.

We walked along the cave for days and felt frightened. We did not have food and water. One day, when we were walking along the cave, we saw a bright light. We walked towards it and we saw a big hoard. We felt that we were walking towards some treasure. We continued our journey and we heard the sound of water flowing down the stones. Since we were thirsty, we drank some water from the flowing water.

Again we walked forward and suddenly we fell from the rock and saw a river flowing. After a few days, we came out of the cave and suddenly someone touched me. I was frightened and when I opened my eyes I saw that it was my mother. It was only then that I realized that I was dreaming about the book that I was reading.

The butterfly

The butterfly is a colourful insect. It has two soft wings. It can fly, it flies from flower to flower to suck honey. It lays eggs. I like butterflies.

My pet parrot

My pet is a two-year-old parrot. Tommy has a red beak. It flew into my house.

My grandfather tried to catch it, but failed. My grandfather caught him when he came back again.

As soon as he came in, it said Peththa bath kewa which means I ate rice. We put him in a cage. My pet is very cute. I love him very much.


There are many animals in the world such as dogs, cats and elephants. Some animals like to eat meat so they are carnivores.

Some animals eat leaves so they are herbivores. Animals are beautiful. Some are big and some are small. Animals can cry but they cannot sing songs.


My name is H.G. Prawani Dimasha. I am nine years old. I study at MR/Bamanugama Maha Vidyalaya. I like to eat apples. I have a sister.My ambition is to become a teacher one day.


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