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Sappers 4 X 4 Gympo - 2015:

Extreme adventure

The fifth consecutive Sappers 4x4 Gympo organized by the Corps of Engineers of the Sri Lanka Army in collaboration with the Four Wheel Drive Club of Sri Lanka will get underway today (September 20) at the Sapper Off Road Arena in Embilipitya.

Sappers 4x4 Gympo 2015 is the Grand finale of the Four Wheel Drive Club Championship. It was preceded by three qualifying rounds where drivers and their vehicles were tested for skill and endurance in Nuwara Eliya on April 15, Meerigama on June 21 and Kaluaggala on August 9, as a championship series enhancing overall event value.

The Corps of Engineers who are universally known to go into battle first and come out of battle last, partnered the Four Wheel Drive Club of Sri Lanka to stage the inaugural Sappers 4x4 Gympo in 2011. This unique collaboration propelled the inherent capability of the Corps of Engineers to deliver unhindered mobility in battle to regenerate the skill and enthusiasm of Sri Lanka's four wheel drive community to greater heights.

The outcome has been a spectacular mix of thrill, adventure, camaraderie and a deep sense of corporate social responsibility ever since.

The Track

The Sapper off road arena at the Sri Lanka School of Military Engineering, Embilipitiya is constructed in such a manner that natural obstacles are emulated and the drivers and navigators are tested on their extreme adaptive skills.

The uniqueness of the track lies in the variety of obstacles as teams have to drive through mud, water, rocks and trails at different stages of the same track.

The key feature is the 'over and under track' where a two lane track in the shape of number eight crosses at the centre via a Compact 200 extra-wide bridge with tread way that will only accommodate the width of the vehicles.

Each team will get a run on both lanes back to back which will go through the obstacles, mostly uneven articulation testing the teams coping ability with the forces of gravity.

The Event will have five categories, the Standard Vehicles, Standard Modified, Under 3000 cc, Over 3000 cc and Extreme Class which will be battled out among the 14 Top Teams from Sri Lanka and 4 Foreign Teams, two from Malaysia and a team each from Australia and India.

Sapper Off Road Arena

The Sapper Off Road Arena can accommodate in excess of 15,000 spectators where the entire track can be viewed from any seat.

This will be a rare opportunity to witness such action in a coliseum like environment for off-road and adventure enthusiasts.

The track is constructed to meet international standards which will serve as a launch pad for talented local teams who aspire to represent Sri Lanka internationally in this form of sport.

Who powers Gympo 2015?

The Sappers 4x4 Gympo 2015 is powered by VVK Machinery & Equipment (Pvt) Limited, SENOK Trade Combined (Pvt) Limited, Swedish Trading (Pvt) Ltd, CEAT Kelani Tyre Holding (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka Insurance Cooperation, Singer Sri Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Holcim Lanka Ltd, Ace Motors and Hasitha Group.

Tickets are available at entrance to the track from 0800 hrs on 19th and 20th Sep 2015. A grandstand ticket is Rs. 1500 and public area ticket is Rs.100.


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