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Government Gazette

Electoral reforms:

Choking on the ward system

Parliament passed the Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Act No 22 of 2012, in October 2012 with the objective of addressing issues concerning the present electoral system, which is usually marred by violence due to the existing Proportional Representation system or popularly known as manape system to elect representatives to Local Government bodies.

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Playing ducks and drakes with ministries

The gazette notification released on September 22, a month after the formation of the National Unity Government has made far-reaching changes in the allocation of subjects to a number of ministries.

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Making women count at 2016 local polls

With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) being a key topic of discussion as the United General Assembly(UNGA) got underway in New York, Sri Lanka is adding to the global voices, calling for enhanced political representation of women.

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