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Sunday, 27 September 2015


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With steady economic growth, the vehicle market in Sri Lanka has recorded an upward movement. However, motor car registrations in August was down to around 8,800 from 9,700 in July, but up, sharply from 2,300 recorded 12 months ago. Traffic congestion has created a negative impact on the economy due to loss of time and fuel, leading to an increase in the cost of living. Pic: ANCL Media Library

Reduction of LTV ratio will hit motor trade - Vehicle Importers Association

The move by the government to reduce the Loan to Value (LTV) ratio to 70 percent is good for the country to save the outflow of foreign exchange and maintain a healthy Balance of Payment. However, it does not augur well for the motor trade which will be hit by a sharp drop in sales, President, Vehicle Importers Association of Sri Lanka and Director,

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Integrated resort with 800 luxury rooms:

Cinnamon Life, an architectural icon

Cinnamon Life has taken development to the next level making it hard for others to follow. Comprising all essential spaces it will set the trend in future property development for Sri Lanka to become an icon of modern South Asia. Cinnamon Life was launched by Waterfront Properties (Pvt) Limited, a member of the John Keells Group, last week.

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Electronic payment systems:

Change in lifestyle increases demand

The future of payment systems would be electronic due to the growing customer demand for convenience, accessibility and availability, General Manager and CEO, LankaClear (Pvt) Ltd., Sunimal Weerasooriya told a seminar on ‘Electronic Payments to Power up the Digital Era of Business’ organised by the National Chamber of Commerce recently.

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Re-allocation of State bodies to boost growth

The new government which places emphasis on sustainable socio-economic development has set up ministerial portfolios to support its ambitious growth targets. There have been new ministries and shifting of State institutions under different ministries to ensure holistic development could be achieved in a sustainable manner.

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