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Mystery over Pak fighter deal

Officials deny news reports, admit JF-17 attractive:

Mystery shrouds the future replenishment of Sri Lanka’s air defence as Air Force officials in Colombo strenuously denied persistent reports that the country is poised to buy more strike aircraft from long-time military supplier Pakistan. SLAF commander Air Marshal Gagan Bulathsinghala is due to pay an official visit to Pakistan next week.

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Psychotic predator of Kahawatte

An analysis of the murders at Kotakethana, based on news from the print and electronic media.:

The once quiet and serene village of Kotakethana in Kahawatta, has again witnessed a murder. Since 2008, Kahawatta was drawn into a fear psychosis, as 17 women have been slain in a manner and style that indicates a lone killer, who operates after stalking the victims and maybe on a few occasions, did it on impulse when an opportunity presented itself.

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Demanding the right to hang

The call for the death penalty in Sri Lanka has been gaining momentum in the recent weeks. Such thirst for vengeance is unbecoming of a Buddhist society that lays claim to a philosophy of compassion. A society so easily seduced by the bloodlust of premeditated murder cannot continue to profess the virtues of metta, karuna, mudita, and upekkha.

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The Sadewmi saga takes a new turn

The unresolved case of sexual abuse and murder of five-year-old Seya Sadewmi in Kotadeniyawa is still in the news even after several weeks of the unfortunate incident which sent shock waves across the country.

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