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Government Gazette

Bail affirmed for Weeratunga, Pelpita :

Courts tug-of-war over Rs. 600 m Sil Redi plunder case

Soon after the government came to power early this year, there was severe criticism that the anti-corruption investigations it initiated were selective and lopsided. Amid this criticism, law enforcement bodies, including the newly formed Police Financial Crimes Investigations Divisions (FCID) launched inquiries into complaints against some top echelons of the previous government.

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Behind Closed Doors

Ambitious all-Rounders, Old Somé & Hero, and a General contemplates surrender

Irked by criticism over some vital cases, the General of Law has made up his mind to vacate his office early next year by not seeking a service extension. “Enough is enough,” the General told one of his junior officers behind closed doors at a recent dinner party in Colombo.

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cat’S eye

Acceptance, accommodation and action are best

Yes, this cat in all her feline wisdom refers to the suggestion by the UNHRC and its promotion of foreign judges et al to help our own to hopefully nail the coffin of ethnic and human rights investigation once and for all. Then the government of Sri Lanka needs to go ahead with what the Committee/Commission recommends as steps to be taken.

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