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Marriage Proposals
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About our son, 5’11” tall, age 28+ only child U.S.A qualified handsome Engineer working in Australia with (PR) simple virtuous devoid of all vices inherits substantial assets B/G respectable parents from Colombo seek pretty slim fair academically qualified well mannered caring daughter height above 5’ 4”, below 26 preferably willing to migrate or living in Australia. Respond with horoscope and family details to [email protected]

Absolutely pretty fair educated age below 32 daughter sought by Colombo suburbs Govi Catholic parents for their Australian resident son height 5’8” professionally qualified in Accounting & Management, well employed in Australia. Caste religion immaterial. Will be in Sri Lanka next month. 011 4588296, [email protected]

Absolutely pretty, kind hearted, down to earth professional daughter (preferably a Doctor) below 32 yrs. is sought by B/G retired teacher for her handsome son Electronic Engineer, 34 yrs. He is fair, 5’6” non smoker and teetotaller. Reply with horoscope ( email: [email protected]).

Academically and professionally qualified Engineer son, 27 years 5’9” tall, handsome well mannered Bodu Govi, with substantial assets in Colombo area and outstations, well brought up in Buddhist environment. Engineer/ Doctor parents seek a pretty daughter of similar status. Professionally qualified partner preferred. Please write with horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well-manned pretty daughter is sought by respectable Buddhist parents by in Colombo for their 29 yrs 5’10” hand some nonsmoker/teetotaler holding a double degree and masters presently employed in a globally renowned consulting firm he is an austral ion citizen reply with details and horoscope to [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified, kind hearted, pretty fair, slim partner sought by a Sinhalese Christian mother for her only son. He is very smart, down to earth with great personality 5’9”, 31, MSc qualified (Australia), owning his own IT business in Melbourne and Sri Lanka, holds PR. A non-smoker and a teetotaller with an excellent character. Please reply to [email protected]

Academically professionally qualified well mannered fair daughter over 5’4” height and willing to migrate is sought by B/D mother NS/TT 5’10”, 37, UK citizen holds a business degree presently working at a global bank in wealth management division in London.Reply with family details and horoscope. Cast and religion immaterial. [email protected]

Academically/ professionally qualified daughter with good family background and who respects Buddhist values and pleasant sought by G/B parents from Colombo for their N/S, T/T Doctor son with Msc attached to Govt. hospital. Height 5’6 1/2’’ malefic horoscope born second half 1985 caste irrelevant. Reply with full details and horoscope to [email protected]

An Educated well mannered bride is sought by Kandyan G/B parents for their son Engineer in U.S.A. height 5’9” age 30 excellent charactor. Reply with horoscope Family details, T.P. number.

A kind, beautiful / slim / fair and educated daughter less than 31 years old is sought by G/B professionals residing in Canada for their medical doctor (Specialist) son age 31. He is a dual citizen of Canada and Sri Lanka. A girl living in Canada / US / Europe and willing to migrate to Western Canada is strongly preferred. Please send details to [email protected]

A Suitable partner is sought by Kandyan GB Mother for her son Born in 1974 5’4” fair TT/NS working as a researcher in an overseas University (HOLDSA PhD in Engineering Discipline) Reply with family details, horoscope and contact Information. [email protected]

Buddhist bride from a Business entrepreneur family, is sought for only son. Govi, Buddhist aged 33, height 5’9”, Graduate from U.S.A reputed digital color lab Businessman photographer for generations. Male fices in Kuja Shani in horoscope.0117788777. [email protected]

Buddhist Durawe parents living in UK seek a fairly English educated pleasant girl to suit their 29 years old son fair height 5’9” in height non-smoker. Born and graduated in UK. He is employed in a prestigious Insurance Company in UK. She should be prepared to settledown in UK. Parents will be in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks from 1.11.2015. Contact immediately. “[email protected]”

Buddhist K/G professional retired parents in Colombo District seek professionally qualified slim pretty daughter for younger son IT professional BSc. (IT)/MBA 31+years, 5’7 1/2” NS/TT very fair smart holds Australia PR employed at reputed private IT Company in Melbourne. Visiting late December. Respond to : [email protected] Tel : 0112701059.

Buddhist, Sinhala, respectable, G/D Parents seek educated pretty, slim, daughter willing to migrate. for their 34, 5’7’’ smart fair electronic engineer son of sober habits. residing in Australia. Non-malefic horoscope. own house, assist innocent party with no encumbrances legally separated from marriage.

B/G Parents seeks a qualified fair pretty bride for their 5’8” tall fair handsome son 34yrs well qualified Finance Manager. [email protected]

B/G Professional parents residing in Kandy seek fair, pretty academically qualified daughter willing to migrate to USA for son 29 yrs 5’11” Kuja 7 PhD graduate student. Send horoscope and family details to [email protected]

B/G parents from Colombo suburbs looking for a pretty loving daughter from a respectable family for our son, working in Australia (Royalist, 31 yrs, 5’ 11” tall handsome). Holding a Masters degree from an Australian University. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Email: [email protected]

B/G Retired professor seeks suitable daughter for 32 years 5’7” MSc graduated software engineer son employed in a Internationally reputed Bank in U.S.A expected to be in Sri Lanka in December. Expecting green card soon [email protected] send horoscope, family details.

B/G Sinhala educated established parents seek for son, 36 yrs. management consultant B. Eng. (UK), born, brought up living in UK, 5’8” handsome fair, a professionally qualified pretty fair slim daughter with Sinhala Buddhist values willing to migrate to UK, caste immaterial. [email protected]

B/G upcountry Sinhalese 29 years old, 5’11’’, educationally and professionally qualified senior IT Engineer son, employed a global company in Colombo. Father is looking for an educationally qualified, beautiful daughter, aged between 24 and 27 from a well respected family in Kandy. Reply with family details, horoscope and telephone number. [email protected]

Catholic Sinhala professional family seeks educated pretty daughter for son UK Consultant 5’10”, 33, MSc. email: [email protected]

Colombo Sinhala, Buddhist, Govi family looking for an educated, pretty girl from a respectable family, below 28 years for our son, 32yrs, six feet, who is M.B.B.S. doctor with M.P.H and M.B.A in U.K he has many properties and wealth and a private Hospital in Colombo and wide range of business. Please write with a copy of the horoscope and the family details. email: [email protected] Telephone 0112698009

Educated, well brought up pretty daughter is sought by Christian parents for their son, 30 brought up with Sri Lankan values, 5’8’’, non-smoker, educated in Australia. Well mannered, working as a Senior Software Engineer in a reputable firm in Melbourne. Holds dual citizenship. Uni Students and Catholics are welcome. Reply with full details. [email protected]

GB parents seek professionally qualified slim, pretty partner willing to live in Australia for well established professional 37, young looking sixfooter, handsome, teetotaller son possessing assets in both countries divorced from very brief marriage. Rahu 7, Kuja 4, Siyawasa. Contact 0112785613. [email protected]

Govi Catholic parents living in USA seek a very pretty, slim girl age 20-30 yrs height below 5’3’’, educated in English medium in Sri Lanka or abroad for their only son handsome, Network Engineer 34 yrs. He owns a new house financially stable in USA. Caste, religion and dowry immaterial, a very pretty girl willing to live in USA preferred. Self replies too encouraged. E-mail: [email protected]

Kandyan B/G parents seeks a bride for their son 30yrs 5ft 6” employed as a software engineer in USA. Email:[email protected]

Kandyan GB family is looking for bride for their son. 38, Civil Engineer. Horoscope from 1st letter. [email protected] 081-3803003 (after 7p.m.)

Kandyan GB sister is looking for a bride for his only brother Civil engineer, 38Y reading for his MSc. [email protected]

Mother seeks very beautiful educated well mannered matching daughter for very successful businessman son 28 yrs. 5’10”, very handsome lived in UK and returned after following degree course reply to [email protected]

Seeking Govi Buddhist Pretty, Slim bride willing to migrate for handsome son aged 33, height 5’10”, US citizen attached to US Government Department He is divorced (only limited to signature) Please reply with family details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist parents working in abroad looking for a suitable partner for their smart looking son graduated abroad and currently working abroad. Age 24 years height 5’7” looking for a smart slim educated young girl preferably from Kandy. He is the only son in the family with the only daughter doing Medicine. Please reply with horoscope. [email protected]

Sinhala Catholic parents seek suitable partner for elder daughter 27y,5’4”reading for PHD abroad please send full details [email protected]

Sinhala Govi Buddhist parents with a well established business in Colombo seek a well mannered, fair and well educated daughter for their only son who is very religious, a teetotaller and a non-smoker. He holds several higher academic qualifications (CCHRM, ANDHRM, GDM, BBA), 5’6” of height and aged 25 years and handsome. He is a Director of family owned businesses and inherits a Tea Estate in Ratnapura and houses and properties in Colombo. Reply with a copy of the horoscope and family details and contact numbers in the first letter. E-mail: [email protected]

Sinhala Govi parent living in UK seek a professionally qualified pretty girl with good Buddhist values and morals for a UK born 32 year old good looking son (Medical doctor) 5’6”. Please reply with horoscope and family details someone from UK is preferable. email : [email protected]

Sinhala G/B 49, 5’9” divorcee no dependents. Owns luxury house / car in Dehiwela. Well established Artist / Lecturer. Love to explore new places, eat, laugh, sleep, listen to music, dance and watch movies. 0112719156. Email : [email protected]

Sinhala Roman Catholic parents seek daughter for academically professionally qualified son 26 yrs 5’8’’ tall. email: [email protected]

Sinhala well connected professional parents living in UK seek a partner for highly qualified 30 years old son, 5’8’’ tall, smart and handsome holds an executive post and receives a top salary. He owns and will also inherit in London and Sri Lanka assets valued at over one thousand four hundred million rupees. [email protected]

Sri Lankan Muslim family living overseas looking for a bride for their 28 years old son, UK qualified Engineer, medium built and family oriented. The prospective bride should be between 22 and 24 years of age and a degree holder with overseas exposure. Please respond with full details to [email protected]

S/B parents live in the UK seek, well brought up (according to Sri Lanka values), educated, honest, kind hearted and pleasant daughter for their UK born and educated son who is well employed, academically and professionally well qualified (BSc Hons in Finance & full member of ACCA), 29 years, 5’6’’ + tall, pleasant, N/S with an excellent character. Finanically he is well secured including mortgage free house. Only sister is a Doctor (PhD in Neuro Science) and now studying medicine. Please reply with full details (confidentiality is assured) including a copy of horoscope to [email protected]

Wattala Catholic Sinhala parents seek a fair very pretty qualified daughter willing to migrate or living in Australia for their son Australian qualified chef having Australia P.R. He is 28years 5’6” handsome studied at St. Benadicts Colombo.He will be in Sri lanka in December for a holiday.Please reply with family details & contact number.E-mail: [email protected]

Well connected respectable parents with foreign connections, living closer to Colombo, are looking for an educated well mannered Buddhist daughter for the good looking son, age 31 years, 5’ 5.5” tall, holding two degrees and a MBA, presently lecturing in a leading foreign educational institute in Colombo. He is a teetotaller and a Vegetarian with non-malefic horoscope with Shani Mangala Yogaya. Please reply with the horoscope and family details to e-mail: [email protected] or call after 7.00 p.m Tel. 011-2655540.



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