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Sunday, 22 November 2015





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Accolades for Link Sudantha

Link Sudantha has been rewarded for its achievements at the 2015 SLIM Brand Excellence award ceremony.

Being recognized with a Bronze in the 'Local Brand of the Year' category at the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards is testament to the professional approach of Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd.

Research has revealed that although the habit of oral cleansing is practised regularly, oral hygiene is not in an ideal state in adults and children. Oral hygiene consists of two major components, healthy teeth and gums.

Most brands focus on the teeth and claim to protect the teeth from cavities, yet professionals believe that teeth and gums need equal attention to ensure dental health is not compromised.

The mouth is the primary point at which the digestion process commences, without good oral health, the breaking up of the food for digestion will not happen. Therefore, teeth and gums have to be taken care of to last a lifetime.

Link Sudantha is marketed by Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd, reputed for using traditional ayurvedic knowledge with modern science and technology, to innovate and deliver products to suit the lifestyle of the present day consumer.


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