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Sunday, 22 November 2015


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Government Gazette
All eyes were focused on the Budget last Friday hoping desperately for relief in the prices of essential commodities. The price of rice has gone over the roof making it unaffordable to many consumers. The lack of an effective marketing strategy and storage facilities have been blamed for the exorbitantly high prices. Here samples of various types of rice in a wholesale shop in Pettah. Pic: Susantha Wijegunasekera

A commendable Budget

While commending the micro economic policies to develop small and medium sector enterprises, SMEs and industries, the backbone of the economy, a section of the business community expressed reservations on the move to liberalize the lubricant market to encourage more players which could affect industry.

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ICT exports projected to hit $1b mark this year

Sri Lanka is emerging as a top outsourcing destination for Information Communication Technology (ICT) related businesses and also a knowledge centre. Last year Lankan exports from IT related products hit the $790 million mark and the latest projections,

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Promoting trade between US and Sri Lanka:

Many challenges remain - AMCHAM

While expressing positive sentiment of better trade and investment between Sri Lanka and the United States, a top official of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) underscored the importance of addressing the tariff barriers that stifles the growth of trade and investment between the two countries,

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Development drive to cover all sectors

The yahapalana Government will launch a development drive covering all sectors. It is fully committed to reactivate all services and production processes and improve exports for better returns where logistics will be the most important thing,

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