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Mocktails with a dollop of Marmite

Just when one thought that Marmite does magical things to food alone, comes news of yet another revolution in Sri Lanka's food and beverage industry, with Unilever Sri Lanka launching a cocktail and mocktail inspired by Marmite.

The Marmite Cocktail and Mocktail have been created by Cinnamon Grand's Restaurants & Bars Manager, Namal Jayalath and his team. The Marmite Cocktail and an equally tempting Marmite Mocktail are a result of many taste bud trials.

Says Namal Jayalath, "Who would have ever thought that Marmite would become an ingredient in cocktails and mocktails? It was a challenge and a very interesting one at that given the distinctive taste of Marmite. The two recipes were carefully crafted with the perfect balance of flavours complementing each other with the signature salty flavour of Marmite which we all know so well".

"Marmite has undergone a magical metamorphosis these past few weeks in Sri Lanka. First there was Chocolate-Mite conjured by celebrity Chocolatier Gerard Mendis. Then came Noodle-Mite created by celebrity Chef Koluu. And now Marmite takes Sri Lanka's F&B circuits with this double-barrelled experience. These are two distinctively contrasting yet complementary beverages which challenge one's taste buds. Shaken and stirred they give the experience a fabulously adventurous dimension and are exclusively available at the Cinnamon Grand," says Brand Manager for Marmite at Unilever Sri Lanka, Bianca de Silva.


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