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Book: Ancient Boxes, Caskets
and Chests in Sri Lankan
Museums - Volume I
Authors: Dr. P. H. D. H. De Silva and Senerath Wickramasinghe
Published by S. Godage & Brothers Publishing House

Ancient treasures

In July this year, renowned publisher, S. Godage of S. Godage & Bros. Publishing House, Maradana, released a well illustrated memoir authored by Dr. P. H. D. H. De Silva, retired Director of National Museums, with Senerath Wickremasinghe, Assistant Director, of the same Department titled '18th to 17th Century Boxes, Caskets and Chests in Sri Lankan Museums.'

This Memoir consists of 180 pages with 56 colour plates and 99 text figures, which are mostly in colour.

One chapter highlights the exquisite ivory caskets, boxes and cabinets at present in the custody of Museums and private owners in Europe and the USA including the two Royal caskets sent to King Don Juan III of Portugal by the King of Kotte, Buvaneka Bahu VII.

Another chapter is devoted to Bronze chunam boxes, caskets and ivory lids recovered during excavations from Panduvasnuwara, Jetawana Dagoba site, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

The remaining chapters describe numerous boxes, caskets and chests which are in the custody of the National Museums made out of a variety of material including gold, silver, copper, brass bronze, ivory, wood, horn and tortoise - shell, and also Jewel and Bible boxes.

The memoir priced at Rs. 7,500 is available at S. Godage & Bros. Book Shop, and Maradana.


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