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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Academically and professionally qualified partner is sought by G/B parents from a Colombo suburb for their fair, 28 years, 5’6’’ tall, daughter brought up according to Buddhist values. She is a Sri Lankan / US dual citizen was schooled in Sri Lanka and is currently pursuing postgraduate studies at a prestigious University in USA. Please reply with family details and contact information. E-mail: [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified son is sought by B/G respectable Kandyan parents for their daughter 25 years 5’4”, slim, fair, pretty qualified to work overseas as a preschool teacher and willing to migrate Australia. Reply with details and horoscope to [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well mannered sons are sought by B/K affluent parents for their slim pretty financially sound qualified daughters 34+ and 31 years old Medical Doctor daughter with a pleasing personality. Both will inherit substantial assets. Reply to [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well-mannered, kind hearted son is sought by B/G parents for their attractive, fair, slim, religious and kind-hearted daughter, 1982. 12, 5’ 2”. Graduated from Moratuwa University. BSc Engineering (Hons.), MSc, studied in leading school. Well employed in a leading multinational software company and drawing good package. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified, Smart, well employed son from good family, sought by Sinhala Catholic parents for their well-mannered daughter, BSc. in IT 1988, fair, pretty smart employed (Software engineer) in a leading IT company in Sri Lanka. Younger sister is a software engineer in a leading IT company. Inherits valuable assets. Reply with proposed son’s details. Email: [email protected] Tel No. 0112648257

Academically / professionally qualified partner preferably studying or working in US or Canada is sought by Sinhala G/B parents living in US for their slim, fair, pretty, daughter, just turned 30 years, brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values. She is PhD in Bio Medical Sciences graduated from a leading US University and currently working in US. Caste immaterial. Reply with full details including telephone number to E-mail [email protected]

Academically / professionally qualified well mannered, caring son with sober habits is sought by GB parents, father Engineer from a respectable family living near Colombo for their MBBS Doctor daughter. 82 June, 5’1’’, well mannered, pretty, smart with excellent character, educated at a leading Colombo school. Inherits substantial assets. Kuja, Shani in 7th house. Reply with complete details and horoscope. Caste immaterial. [email protected]

Academically / professionally qualified, well mannered partner (below 48 yrs.) sought by G/B parents for daughter born in 1970, very fair, 5’2”, educated in USA / Canada with B.Sc / MBA, employed as IT Consultant. Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected] Tel: 0382232170 / 0382234391.

Affluent Catholic professional G parents domiciled in Australia seek academically and professionally qualified son for their financially sound qualified daughter born in 1983. Preference for Australian or New Zealand citizens. Kindly reply to [email protected]

An attractive accomplished company Director and academic 45 years looks 30 never married Sinhala Buddhist seeks an educated, accomplished, caring partner for marriage. English essential. Divorcees considered. Encourage overseas proposals. All details to [email protected]

An educated kind caring handsome son sought by G/B parents father retired Colonel Sri Lanka Army family living in USA for daughter 28, 5’3” fair pretty studied at Musaeus studying and working. Reply with contact number details and horoscope. [email protected]

A professionally well-employed partner, sought by Bodu, Govi, retired parents for 1975 born 5’6” young looking pretty daughter, Senior Bank Executive, leading private bank. [email protected]

Bodu Govi respectable family from Galle, citizen of Canada, seeks a smart, educated, caring and same caste partner below 30 y for their very pretty attractive daughter 26y, 5’6’’. She possesses BSc in Biology and currently studying for postgraduate degree in Health Coding in Canada. She inherits valuable land and properties. Reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

Bodu Govi Senior Engineer in New Zealand seeks academically and professionally qualified son for his only educated daughter 26+, 5’2’’. Who is willing to relocate to New Zealand and not more than 32+. Please supply the details with address horoscope.

Bodu Govi well respected family from Gampaha, mother house wife late father doctor, brother senior manager at a leading education company in US, sister married to proprietor of a leading construction company. Seek a smart educated son with good character, for their slim fair talented daughter with an exceptional character born 1976, height 5’5”. Govi Buddhist only. 033-2280697

Buddhist Salagama retired mother seeks qualified partner for her well mannered pretty daughter (only child) working in a private sector company She is 44 yrs. (looks very much younger) 5’1” She owns a house land and a car. Kindly contact with horoscope & family details. Email: [email protected]
Phone: 011 4856207.

B/G father seeks respectable educated partner for daughter 35 yrs, 5’7’’, fair, pleasant from a leading school in Colombo. Willing to live abroad. H/C essential. Tel: 033-2264006. [email protected]

B/G Kandyan parents (retired teachers) from Kurunegala looking for a suitable educated well employed partner with similar background for daughter 39, 5’4’’, fair, pretty, slim and well brought up daughter studied in a leading girls’ school in Kandy, graduated with MBA in University of Colombo working in an Executive position in a leading private company in Colombo. Write with horoscope and family details. Contact email: [email protected] 037-5622626.

B/G Parents seek professionally qualified partner from Sri Lanka or abroad, willing to settle in Australia for their daughter 37 years 5’1” fair, slim, with kind disposition, values Sinhalese customs.working as a research scientist in Australia. Non malefic horoscope. phone: 0112410405,email:[email protected]

B/G upcountry parents living in New Zealand seek a suitable partner for their daughter born in April 1987, educated at a leading international school in Kandy. She is a New Zealand citizen, graduated from a prestigious University in Auckland, employed, well mannered, religious, 5’ 6” tall, medium fair, slim and pretty. She has an unblemished character. She is to gain substantial wealth in New Zealand and Sri Lanka. The son we are looking for should be well educated professional, kind hearted, smart in appearance. Reply with horoscope, family details to [email protected]

B/G/Catholic parents reside in Ja-ela seek a well educated, well employed and a careing son with sober habits for their only daughter studying MSC in London, born in 1991Nov and 5’ tall partners from America, Australia and England Only. [email protected]

B/K respectable mother seeks a caring genuine Buddhist son below 38 for fair slim smart daughter 34 (looks very much younger than her age). She is very kind-hearted honest and a true Buddhist well qualified and working in Australia. Presently visiting SL. Willing to relocate to SL for the right partner. Reply with copy of the original horoscope to [email protected]

Catholic, Sinhalese parents residing in Canada seek a decent professionally qualified partner who is residing in Canada, USA, Australia or UK for their 27 yrs, slim, pretty and professionally qualified daughter. [email protected]

Christian parents seek a professionally qualified handsome partner for their very fair pretty 32 daughter a Software Engineering Manager living in California holding US permanent residency. Looking for a Christian partner preferably living in the US or willing to migrate. [email protected]

Colombo Catholic/ Christian family seeks partner for their convent educated sister in her very early 50s, slim, fair, pretty and looks very much younger. Never married due to career prospects genuine and caring nature travelled many countries. Caste/ nationality immaterial. Divorcees can apply, those living abroad can apply. [email protected] Reply in English only.

Educated, pleasant, well-mannered son from a respectable family who suits for pleasant, well-mannered daughter 39, 5’6’’, executive in reputed bank Colombo. Buddhist/Deva. Separate legally, no encumbrances. Inherits substantial assets. Reply with complete details, horoscope. email- [email protected]

G/B professional parents seek professionally qualified sober groom for fair, pretty daughter employed Science graduate as Administrative Assistant in Colombo prestigious firm born in November 1978, height 4’8’’, inherits substantial assets in Kotte with non-malefic horoscope. Please reply with horoscope, family details and contact number. [email protected]

Moor parents from Colombo seek qualified groom, doctor, engineer or Accountant for daughter 21 years educated in English, completed A/L in a leading school in Colombo, head covered. Please reply with full details and contact number, confidentiality assured. [email protected]

Moor parents seek educated suitable partner with good profession for their only daughter BSc graduate fair pretty slim 5’2” height Hijab wearing, owns house Colombo. Foward full details.

Muslim academically professionally qualified only daughter, 37, 5’ 6”, U.S. citizen, divorced with only son looking for a professionally qualified non-smoker, partner age between 37-45. Please send details to email: [email protected]

Muslim, religiously committed respectable family from Dehiwala seeks a very religious, well educated, responsible and caring partner for their daughter who is 31. She was educated in English medium (London Curriculum) in a leading Islamic International School and is currently following Islamic studies while tutoring for girls from home. She adorns Jilbab and Niqab, adheres to the Islamic way of life according to the authentic teachings of Quran and Sunnah. She was previously married for few months, we requested for the divorce due to various incompatibilities. No encumbrances. We are seeking for a partner who closely adheres to Quran and Sunnah and upholds the values of Islam. He should have a quest for Islamic knowledge and a keen interest in following the true Deen. More details can be shared, upon expression of interest with details. [email protected]

Respectable well established G/B Business parents seek a suitable son with good family background for their daughter presently working in apparel sector executive Level position 27 years old (1988 April) 5’2” height slim fair education in leading school in Colombo. Email: [email protected]

Sinhala, Govi, Buddhist parents seeking for a well educated partner for their postgraduate qualified attractive daughter 27, 5’7’’, presently well employed in Australia, looking to settle down in Sri Lanka in future. E-mail: [email protected]

Tamil Christian Sri Lankan parents residing in Australia seek academically / professionally qualified partner for their daughter fair and slim 33 yrs. old, professionally qualified, living and working as an allied health professional for the Australian Government. Partner preferably living in Australia or Sri Lanka. Please reply with full details. [email protected]

Well-connected Sinhala Buddhist, Salagama respectable family. Mother seeks for her youngest daughter age 42 years, 5’2”, smart, attractive qualified graduate, presently she is permanently employed as a Bank Executive Officer looking for a well-mannered, non-smoker, excellent character. Overseas people are considered. Reply with full family details copy of horoscope. Caste immaterial. Email : [email protected] T.P. 0112613958.




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