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Marriage Proposals
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Absolutely pretty, educated daughter below 31 and height above 5’2” sought by Colombo suburbs Govi Catholic mother for her professionally qualified Australian resident son, in Sri Lanka till mid-January. He is degree qualified in Computing, Management and Accounting working as an Accountant in Melbourne. 0114588296. [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified well manner pretty B/G cultural value Daughter willing to migrate to Australia from respected family sought for 27 years,5’8” height, Handsome non smoker and teetotaler Soft Ware Engineer Son reading for masters in Melboune University. Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

Academically professionally qualified pretty daughter is sought by G/B parents (caste material) from Colombo for their BSc qualified Engineer handsome son 5’10” height born in 1988, well employed in Melbourne dual citizen. Reply with horoscope. [email protected]

Academically qualified well-mannered pretty fair slim daughter below 32 yrs living in UK or willing to migrate is sought by Sinhala Buddhist Colombo parents for their 1980 born NS/TT, 5’9”, handsome, well-employed Engineer son, UK PR holder with excellent character. Primary education in leading Colombo school and Masters from leading UK University. Owns assets in both countries. Caste, religion not considered. Currently in Sri Lanka on one month holiday. Reply Sinhala / English with horoscope and family details. Email: [email protected]

Affluent G/B professional parents seek educated pretty daughter for handsome, kind son Royalist, 32, 5’7’’, Lawyer/Director of a family owned company with a substantial income and assets. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Affluent professional G/B parents seek an educated decent daughter for handsome son 35, 5’11’’, employed in a senior management position at a Blue Chip company with substantial assets and income. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Email [email protected]

Ambalangoda Bodu Karawa parents seek pleasant, educated, beautiful, virtuous, employed daughter, same caste or Govi caste compatible to Shani - 7th House, for handsome son born in 1974 height 5’7”, Regional Manager of a Financial Institution passed CIM (UK) Regional Manager of a Financial Institution, devoid of all vices and family encumbrances. No Kuja Dosha in the horoscope Rewathi Nekatha Dhanu Lagna. Email: [email protected]

Bodu Govi parents (living in U.K.) seek for their youngest son 5’10”, 36 yrs. working in UK in IT Procurement in U.K. Please reply with horoscope. [email protected] 2810252.

B/G parents seek virtuous educated pretty daghter for their son 29 yrs. 5’10” Rahu 7, Financial Executive with pr. graduated Australia. Send full details with H/C. Email : [email protected]

B/G professional parents from Colombo seek a really pretty and fair educated daughter below 26 from a respectable family in Sri Lanka or abroad for their only child son handsome 5’10” born 1984 graduated Computer Science from USA and at present working as a Senior Computer Engineer in a USA Government Authroity, US Green Card holder. Differences immaterial. Reply with a copy of horoscope. Email: [email protected] TP. 0112789844.

B/G retired professional parents seek educated pretty daughter for Engineer son born in 1982 NS/TT 5’7” MSc (UK). [email protected]

Canadian citizen, 36, male, Tamil Catholic English educated IT graduate in Canada, fluent in Sinhala, seeks suitable partner in Sri Lanka, employed in IT field in Canada. She must be well groomed, fluent in English, prepared to live in Canada. Contact: [email protected]

Colombo suburbs B/K educated parents seek academically professionally qualified slim, fair, pretty daughter for son 5’6’’, 27 yrs, well-mannered NS & TT smart son lecturer in Semi-government University. Reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

Colombo suburb professional BG parents seeking a bride for their son educated abroad 33 fair 5’7” MSc qualified IT professional currently working for a leading organization living in Melbourne (PR holder). Caste and religion immaterial. E-mail: [email protected]

Govi Buddhist doctor parents from respectable families with substantial assets in Colmbo suburbs Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Matale, Kurunegala, Anamaduwa looking for pretty fair daughter, doctor professional from respectable family for MBBS doctor son 27 fair handsome 5’6” teetotaller.

G.B Kandyan mother seeks a suitable educated daughter for son born in 1975 , 5’11” U.K graduate accountant in London U.K permanent residency. Reply with family details and horoscope. [email protected]

G/B respectable family from Colombo 44 years handsome young looking, fair in complexion 5’6’’, European citizen, teetotaller academically qualified divorced, very short brief unfortunate marriage without any encumbrances, preferably bride fair, who’s below 38 years. Thula Lagna, Shani in 7th house if horoscope is considered. Bride who’s in Europe most welcome currently, holidaying in Sri Lanka. [email protected] Skype: cricket-1971

G/B respectable professional parents seek an academically qualified daughter 30-35yrs, preferably studying or working in the US for their son 36yrs Ph.D (from US) currently professionally employed in the US. reply with family details. e-mail:[email protected]

Ja-ela Roman Catholic mother seeks, pretty, slim, virtuous bride, aged below 24 years for her son born in May 1986, height 5’2’’, having PR in a European country presently staying in Sri Lanka, with sober habits. 011-3029407. [email protected]

Moor Southern Sri Lanka born, employed in Middle East (ME) as a Faculty Head, for UK educational curriculum established intellectually in UK and Sri Lanka. Now reading M.Phil & PhD. in Financial Economics, highly professionalized Muslim Economist, European (positively) influenced scholar, 5’ 5”, 48, very fair, handsome, recently divorced - No encumbrances, seeks a qualified working English educated, kind, helpful partner (unmarried/ married - without children), willing to live at lease few years in ME. & UK-Europe. Email: [email protected]

Muslim parents residing in Colombo suburb seek a well-mannered, fair, slim, good looking, educated, bride for their son. He is a civil engineer working in a semi government institute. 31yrs old fair, 5’ 5’’, moderately religious, nonsmoker and teetotaler. Please reply with details to: [email protected] Tel: 0112548410.

Parents from Colombo suburbs seek a fair and beautiful partner for 28 years old handsome son (only child) NS/TT height 5’11’’, BSc Engineering (Moratuwa) graduate working in Colombo. Although we are Sinhala B/K, caste is immaterial. [email protected]

Sinhalese affluent highly connected parents living in UK seek a partner for 30 years 5 months old son. He is 5’ 8” tall very smart graduated with two masters degrees from Imperial College London and is currently a successful investment Banker. He has dual citizenship, he is very ambitious, owns several properties in London including a luxury apartment and also land and properties in Sri Lanka. Please respond with family details [email protected]

S/B parents live in UK seek well brought up educated & pleasant daughter for their UK born & educated son who is fully qualified Chartered Accountant (BSc Hons. in Finance & full Member of ACCA) 29 years, 5’ 6” tall pleasant N/S with an excellent character. Financially he is well secured including mortgage free house in UK. Only sister is a Doctor (PhD in Neuroscience) & now studying Medicine. Hopes to visit Sri Lanka in mid January. Please reply with full details including a copy of horoscope to [email protected] 0112719583.



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