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Scolding for Cabinet globe-trotters

The presiding big boss seemed stern at the weekly meeting inside the Cabinet last week as some of his subordinates had flown overseas multiple times, neglecting their duties back home. As he walked into the meeting in the Cabinet on Wednesday, he had a report that had details related to their overseas jaunts.

An annoyed big boss said it was high time to pull their socks up and work without flying around the world at the drop of a hat.

Big Boss, giving a little piece of advice to some of his younger subordinates, pointed out that he, himself, turned down two tour offers from top western countries as he had to attend more important duties here. In his stentorian, school principal tone, the big boss also informed the Cabinet that he would soon issue a circular to streamline overseas tours of cabinet members.

The fall of Gommangpila

The Gommangpila, a key figure of the Hyde Park tamasha on Thursday, banged his head on the stage before making his speech at the protest rally. Eye-witnesses claim that Gommangpila foot slipped.

But the deposed king’s spin-doctors claim that the incident may have been a result of a Western conspiracy to drive the Gommangpila mad! Indeed, the Gommangpila’s speech was such that some might think that the so-called Western conspiracy had been successful in their attempt!

However, following the discovery of a large number of ‘Gal’ bottles lying around the Hyde Park after the rally on Thursday, people are wondering whether it was a ‘Gal’ bottle that was responsible for the Gommanpila’s fall.

First-timer’s birthday

A Kan-ganda, a young politico quite famous for nose-biting events, managed to witness the meeting inside the Cabinet last week for the first time.

He got the opportunity as his immediate boss was on an overseas tour. Kan-ganda’s first Cabinet day happened to be his birthday too. Therefore, the young politico was able to cut his birthday cake on the sidelines of the meeting in the Cabinet in the presence of the big boss and other top-notch members..

While the entire cabinet was grappling with major controversies around blackouts and excessive overseas tours, Kan-ganda, the birthday boy, was seen having a good time, in a celebratory mood.


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