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Sunday, 20 March 2016





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

SLFP leadership ponders disciplinary sanctions against MR, supporting MPs:

UPFA rebel rally challenges Sirisena leadership

Many political parties use ‘protest’ rallies as a powerful tool to achieve short and long-term goals when they are in the opposition. Ever since the formation of organised political parties in Sri Lanka, protests have been a part and parcel of the country’s political culture. Some protests, in fact, influenced important developments in the country’s political domain over the past 70 years.


[Goz Sunday ]

Scolding for Cabinet globe-trotters

The presiding big boss seemed stern at the weekly meeting inside the Cabinet last week as some of his subordinates had flown overseas multiple times, neglecting their duties back home. As he walked into the meeting in the Cabinet on Wednesday, he had a report that had details related to their overseas jaunts.


Sunday’s blackout and a bright spot

To compound her consternation the tri-shaw fellow was clueless about by-roads leading out of town to the bingé area. Literally groping their way past this Bodiya and that junction, she eventually arrived at a candle-lit home and was told an island-wide power failure had gripped the country.


HIV or not:

All kids should be in school :

In the wake of a heartbreaking story of a six-year-old being denied admission to a school in Kuliyapitiya comes this shining example from Bogashandiya in Anuradhapura. These villagers too ostracized the child, in the belief that his mother had died of HIV/AIDS.


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