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Elephant House sponsors first-ever Duathlon

Elephant House F5 recently signed on as the main sponsor of the first-ever Sri Lankan Duathalon, a run/cycle/run sporting event that was held on February 14, 2016, at the Spinner Sports Centre in Madiwela. Held on Valentine's Day 2016, it promoted the need for physical activity for loved ones, with many kids and even families taking part, in addition to top national athletes.

The Elephant House F5-sponsored Duathalon 2016 featured over 125 participants of all ages and skill levels, with more than 200 spectators cheering them on. This event was organised by WrooM Cycling, and Spinner Cyclist Cafe and Bike Fit Lab.

Also important, Elephant House F5 supported Sri Lanka's first-ever Duathalon to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, with many different communities, and a large number of people, positively influenced to take part in cycling and running.

A Duathalon is a sporting competition that comprises three activities. First running, then cycling and, last, running once again. This event is growing in popularity worldwide since many already know how to cycle and run and can train without specialised equipment or venues. The Elephant House F5-sponsored Duathalon 2016, specifically, featured three major categories: Elite, with 5km of running, 25km of cycling and 5km of running; Amateur, with 2km of running, 10km of cycling and 2km of running; and Kids, with 500m of running, 3km of cycling and 500m of running.


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