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Democratic presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at Rancho High School.  - Getty Images

Hillary Clinton’s First Speech puts:

‘Women’s Issues’ front and centre

In her first speech since she became the first female major party presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton put several traditionally sidelined “women’s issues” front and center. Speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Friday.


Pakistan’s train to Panama

In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif narrated the history of his family to defend himself from accusations related to the Panama Leaks. While many analysts have found his historiography irrelevant to the debate.


In New Zealand: Magma chamber in the making

The culprit behind a recent swarm of earthquakes in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty has been found: a growing bubble of magma less than 10 km below ground. Geophysicists from the New Zealand research institute GNS Science, led by Ian Hamling.

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