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Monitoring sytem presented to CEB

The Chief Technology Officer of ERL Phase Power Technologies (ERLPT), Dr. Narendra and his team visited Sri Lanka to present the CEB an experimental a Wide Area Monitoring System. EPRLPT is an ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified manufacturer of digital fault recording systems and protective relays based in Canada.

This monitoring system monitors, records and stores measurements from critical locations such as generating stations and main load centres in a synchronised manner. This technology is implemented very successfully to analyse the system-wide disturbances such as blackouts in United States of America, Canada, China, India and in many European countries. The information collected and monitored from all around the system will be helpful to analyse both short-term and long-term events. Implementation of this technology is useful in the Control Centre to monitor the real time behaviour of the power system very efficiently, and with better visualisation compared to the existing monitoring systems due to very high resolution of the available system data.

With this technology, it is easy to analyse the disturbance throughout the country due to common GPS satellite global reference time signal.


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